How To Make Money Fast: Make $100 in a Day

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How to make money fast

Are you looking for ways to make money fast today?

You are probably here because you want to know how to make $100 in a day.

I know…

The bills are due.

You’re feeling a bit strapped and you just need that extra money to spend and pay for things.

Tell me if I’m wrong, but you probably wish that someone could just shower you with some of that fast cash now.

Don’t we all? 😉




Whatever the case, you’re looking for cash and that’s why I created a list of ideas to help you earn extra money on the side today.

Generally speaking, I’m a huge fan of these extremely clever saving strategies because it’s an easy way to put another few hundred (or even thousand) dollars into your pockets immediately without a whole lot of effort.

The only problem is there’s only so much we can save!

That’s why I like finding ways to make extra money so I could save more and spend it on things I enjoy.


How to make money online for free

There are many free ways to make money online today that require no investment.

I know that some of you are only asking how to make money without paying anything, but if I were you, I would keep an opened mind. If you only keep your mind focused on free things, then you are limiting yourself from real opportunities.

For example, one of my top recommendations is to start a blog for just $2.95 per month. It’s something to consider because you can see whether you like it or not without spending too much.

I talk about how blogging has changed my life as you read below!

Today, I make over $5,000 per month blogging online from home without having to go to work.

You can definitely increase your income as long as you’re willing to put in some effort during your spare time. Seriously, whoever tells you that you don’t need to put in ANY effort is obviously lying to you!

Anyway, when you combine a few of these ideas together, you can potentially make more than $100 a day!

Without further ado, here are 15 creative ways to make $100 today! No excuses. You got this!



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1. Get free money fast by taking surveys

As mentioned, I know that one of the first things you want to hear about is how to make money online without investing any money.

Here are some quick wins where you can earn cash (or free gift cards and products) just by sharing your opinion with these highest paying survey companies.

I personally use these resources to make extra money during my spare time because they are no-brainer tasks that are easy to complete. I’ve even recommended them to my family members who asked me about survey sites.


Why take surveys? What’s in it for you?

All top companies want to understand their consumers so that they can create the perfect products and services for you. For them to do that, they need to understand YOU and what YOU want.

That’s why they are willing to pay you in cash or FREE gift cards in exchange for your input. It’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to make extra money online with no experience required.

I’ll be honest though. Surveys alone won’t make you $100 every day but when you combine this with the other side hustles I mention in this post, you can earn more than $100 in a day!


How much money can you make from survey sites?

Anywhere from $50 to $500 per month depending on your eligibility and the number of surveys you complete.

Below are a few survey sites I use and recommend if you want to make extra money during your spare time.


It almost feels like free money because I’m not required to invest any money to do this…




Survey Junkie:

👉 Free membership here: Sign up for Survey Junkie and earn up to $32 per survey in 20 minutes.



Survey Junkie is rated 8.7/10, one of the highest on Trustpilot reviews. I love them the most for their pretty-looking and easy-to-navigate interface.

Over 5,000,000 users including myself enjoy using it.

I personally use Survey Junkie and I was able to make $58 in a month during my downtime.

You won’t become a millionaire by doing this, but it could help make your spending more affordable. That includes filling up your gas for your car, buying Birthday and Holiday gifts, or even splurging on your favorite drinks from Starbucks without having to cut back so often.


👉💵  You can sign up for Survey Junkie here for FREE and make some extra money on the side!


Swagbucks Surveys:

👉 Free membership here: Sign up for Swagbucks and get a FREE $5 bonus today!



Swagbucks is free to use and it’s one of the most popular survey sites in the world!

I’ve been using them since 2009 and that’s how I earn an extra $50 to $100 in a month during my spare time. This allows me to splurge on my favorite lattes from Starbucks without having to actually pay for them.

Can you say no to free Starbucks all year round?

Starbucks may not be your thing and that’s okay!

You can still make money online and earn PayPal cash or choose to redeem free gift cards to your favorite shops like Amazon, Walmart, Macy’s, etc.

Aside from taking surveys, you can also make money online by surfing the web and playing games, watching funny cat videos, shopping online and more!

Swagbucks is 100% legitimate and has paid out their members over $330,312,447 to date!


👉💵  Grab your FREE $5 bonus from Swagbucks here.

⭐️ Important: Remember to verify the email from Swagbucks in your inbox so you can start earning extra money today!


Earn extra money with these other survey sites 💵 

Other survey companies I recommend as a way to make extra money from home include American Consumer Opinion, MyPoints, and Pinecone Research.

Again, membership is 100% free. By signing up for many survey sites, you’ll get to take more surveys for more extra money — it’s a free and easy way to make extra money!


Check out also: How I Make Money Fast Online With The Best Survey Sites (Earn Up To $50 Per Survey).



2. Make money on Pinterest

Did you know there are many ways to make money on Pinterest?

Some ideas include starting a small home business with a blog, becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant, selling your crafts on Pinterest, and more!

I personally make over $3,000 every month with my small blog on Pinterest during my spare time!

The best part is these work-from-home opportunities require NO experience! I started with absolutely zero knowledge but was able to make over $5,000 per month within my first year.

To learn more, read the full juicy details on how I make over $100 every day with my small blog on Pinterest.




3. Start a blog that makes money


You can definitely start a blog for very cheap and make money through my easy step-by-step tutorial here, but I am not going to sugar coat what I’m about to say next.

Starting a blog is not easy and most likely you won’t be making money immediately within your first few months. I’ve heard so many bloggers who claimed they made over $500 in their first month of blogging but unfortunately, that wasn’t me.

It took me longer than that. There’s a lot to learn BUT it is VERY possible to make money with your blog! If you asked me over a year ago, I had no idea that blogs could make money.

Currently, I make over $1,000 per month with my small blog on top of a full-time job!


🌟 Update: To my surprise, I was able to make over $7,498.94 in a month with my blog! 💻 💵

This all took effort and time on my part to learn about blogging. So, please keep in mind that starting a blog is a long-term game, but it is totally worth it in the end!


SPECIAL DISCOUNT: I am so happy to announce that I was able to negotiate a new price for my readers. You can start your blog for only $2.95/month when you start your blog through my easy step-by-step tutorial here. That’s over 60% off regular pricing! Plus, get a FREE domain name ($15 value) when you sign up through my tutorial. 

This low price is only for a limited time and is exclusive to Finsavvy Panda readers!



Start your blog with my FREE 7-day course!

Are you a total beginner and don’t know where to start? Join my FREE 7-day e-mail course where I will teach you how to start your blog the right way! I will guide you from starting your blog to growing your traffic and earning your first income. 🙂



4. Make $1,000+ With Your Smartphone

how to make money fast with your smartphone

Yep, you can actually make money with your smartphone!

I bet you can’t live without your smartphone, amirite? 😉

As you know, we all use our smartphones to:

– Keep in touch with friends and family via group chats

– Search for information on Google

– Upload our most recent selfies on our favorite social media platforms

– Scroll through Pinterest feeds searching for new ideas for our next DIY project

– Order food for pickup or delivery

Let’s face it. We carry our smartphones everywhere we go!

So, why not take advantage of your iPhone or Android to make extra money?

After all, it’s another free way to earn some cash when you feel that money is tight!

🌟 To learn more, read how I make $1,000+ with the best money making apps using my smartphone. 💵



5. Become a Stella & Dot Stylist

Stella & Dot is an Inc. 500 fastest growing company with a $25 billion global opportunity and they want you to be part of their growth!


Do you love fashion and accessories?

If you answered yes, then this is the perfect side hustle for you! It could even potentially turn into your full-time business if you decide to take it to the next level.  They are currently looking for women like you to join their team to become an independent stylist — no degree nor experience required!

By joining their team, you get to make money from home (in-home Trunk Shows) or online by representing their line of jewelry and accessories.


The benefits of becoming a Stella & Dot Independent Stylist:

– Create a flexible schedule (you are the boss).

– Gain access to style every day.

– Be part of a supportive community of women.

– Could be a fun part-time hobby or a full-time career you are passionate about.

– Work on achieving financial freedom.

– Spend more time with your family and friends.


You are the boss, so you make the decisions and run your own business whenever and wherever you like.

To join their team, all you need to do is invest $199 to start your own business. This investment will provide you with essential tools and training to become profitable. As an added bonus, you will also receive $350 worth of Stella & Dot jewelry and accessories for FREE here which you get to choose!


🌟 For more information, visit Stella & Dot’s website here to learn more.



6. Make money by losing weight

save money by earning money to lose weight

Have you ever heard of HealthyWage?

This may sound too good to be true, but it’s not.

You can really make money and get paid to lose weight!

How HealthyWage works is you place a bet on how much weight you’re going to lose.

As long as you set realistic goals and lose the amount of weight that you say you would, you will win and make money!

According to HealthyWage, studies found that financial incentives enhance your weight loss success, making dieters more likely to lose weight.

If you’re tired of being overweight, or you’re looking to shed some pounds off your body, you can use this as a motivation to reach your weight-loss goals.

👉 You can learn more about HealthyWage and read people’s success stories here!



7. Make money online by teaching English

FREE membership: Join here and earn up to $22 per hour just by teaching English online.


Source: VIPKID. A teacher from VIPKID is having fun teaching one of her students online.


Has anyone ever told you that you’d make a great teacher despite not being one?

Even if no one has told you that but you have a keen interest in teaching, you can apply here to start teaching English online from the comfort of your home. This makes a great side hustle, part-time, or even full-time job because you call the shots. You’re the boss so you can set your own hours whenever and wherever you like.

VIPKID will pay you up to $22 per hour, so that means you could work from home and earn at least $50 per day as long as you’re willing to put in a few hours.

VIPKID was ranked #1 by FlexJobs in Forbes 2018′ “Top 100 Remote Work Companies Report.”


Here are the requirements to become an online teacher with VIPKID:

– Minimum Bachelor’s degree.

– Work anywhere from home with a stable Internet connection.

– Must have a computer or laptop.

– Use a headset with a microphone, stable output, and input.

– HD External camera or HD integrated camera (Most laptops already have this).


If you meet all of those qualifications, you can get started by applying to VIPKID here — again, it’s 100% FREE to join!



8. Use Drop and earn FREE money today!

how to get free money - earn with drop points

This has become one of my favorite apps to earn extra money because my earnings are completely passive!

My fiancé and I use the Drop app to passively earn cash rewards on our everyday purchases.

It’s 100% FREE to use and requires absolutely NO effort from your end (this I promise).

The one thing I really love about Drop is their points can be COMBINED with other rewards, promos, cash back programs, and coupons! So YES, you can STACK UP your Drop points with Ebates and other free cash rewards!

To learn more, read my honest review and tutorial on how Drop works. If you like the idea of earning passive money, then I’m sure you’re going to enjoy this app as much as I do!


🌟 For a limited time, get your FREE $5 bonus immediately after linking your first card and using my special referral code, FINSAVVY. No purchase necessary! 😊

My referral code is applicable to both the U.S. and Canada!


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9. How to make money fast with FREE furniture

I absolutely LOVE getting creative when it comes to home decor and furniture!

Did you know that you can make an extra $100 to $500 just from a piece of furniture that nobody wants? All you have to do is unleash your creativity by adding value to the piece.

I’ve earned on average $100 to $150 on smaller pieces such as nightstands and coffee tables. Yes, you can finish these small pieces in less than a day!

If you flip larger pieces such as chest drawers and dining tables, you can sell faster and at higher prices too!


PRO TIP: I love using these gorgeous pumpkin knobs to freshen up the cabinets that I flip!

You can also check out this post to see how I used these knobs to make extra money from one of my projects.


If you’re interested in starting a furniture side hustle for extra cash, learn how I flip furniture for extra money (even as a beginner).

I picked up this table set for free and sold them for $150 after painting and designing it.



10. Rent out your extra space with Airbnb

Renting out extra space is one of my favorite ways to make money fast. For example, my fiance and I are renting out our separate unit to a single family and it’s a great way to make money and build wealth while living in an expensive city.

If you live in the city’s core or a touristy area, you can become an Airbnb host and earn $100 per day. We know so many people who do this and are making over $100 a day from this side hustle.

YES, the idea sounds amazing…

BUT, set realistic expectations because you still need to put in some work. For example, my friends and coworkers who do this still need to attend to their guests while working their full-time jobs. It’s not 100% passive if you don’t hire a manager. But my friends are loving the extra money they’re earning from this side hustle because it’s helping them fund for their next vacation!

Like I said, if you’re willing to put in the effort, there are many opportunities for you to make money fast on Airbnb.

You can get started by learning more about becoming an Airbnb host here.



11. Get paid to shop (plus a $10 sign-up bonus today)

I know I harp on this a lot (and my fiance tells me that too), but I can’t believe that so many people miss out on this free resource!

Ebates (available to the U.S. and Canada) is one of my favorite cash back apps because you can easily earn money just by shopping for the things you normally buy. This includes over 2,000 of your favorite stores such as Amazon, Apple, Macy’s, Walmart, Target, and so much more!

This is how I make extra money when I shop online!

I was already going to make a purchase anyway, so why not?

Check out a couple of my past transactions! I earned $116.66 in less than two weeks without putting in any effort. Not too shabby, huh?


how to make money fast online with Ebates


Currently, they have a promotion going on where you can earn $25 from each friend you refer after they make their first purchase. That’s $100 for every four friends you refer!

🌟 Plus, you instantly get FREE $10 when you sign-up here and make your first purchase that’s over $25. 💵

Canada, you need to click here to grab your $5 bonus from Ebates Canada.


Want to learn more about Ebates?

You can read here for my full review and tutorial on how to use Ebates along with a secret way to accumulate more cash in your account! I know you’re going to LOVE Ebates as much as I do. You won’t be disappointed!



12. Rent out your stuff

What if I told you that you could earn up to $1,000 every month by renting out your stuff? Fully-insured as well!

Yes, such a thing exists and Fat Lama can help you with that (available in both the US and UK)!

This is what they call the “Airbnb for stuff”.

There are many people looking for things to use without having to pay full price for the item. That makes sense because, why would anyone want to pay for things that they use occasionally?

This is where you can add value by turning the stuff you own into an income-producing asset!


For example, you can rent out the following items and make money fast with this stuff:

– DIY equipment

– Household tools

– Luxury outfits and handbags

– Drones

– Camera

– Video games


The list goes on and on because you can literally rent out almost anything you wish.

🌟 Get your FREE $20/£20 bonus from Fat Lama when you use this special link towards your first rental! 💵 💵 💵

Yes, this bonus offer is applicable to both lender or borrower! But I’m assuming you’re interested in lending since you’re reading this article about making extra money. 🙂



13. Make money online with affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

First of all, think of a product that you love and would recommend to your friends.


For example, one of my favorite personal finance books is I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit because it has changed my life.

It’s a book that I ALWAYS recommend to everyone who needs help with their personal finances. Whether you’re in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, or want to manage your money better, I will refer this book to you. If you click this link to make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.


There, what I just did is an example of affiliate marketing.

In a short and simple sentence, you’re making money by recommending or promoting a product or service. BUT, of course, you should only recommend products or services that you believe will add value to your friends, family, and audience regardless of whether or not you earn a commission.

One way to monetize your blog is to apply these proper affiliate marketing strategies for beginners with no experience.

The one e-course that I highly recommend is Michelle’s Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Course.

The course instructor makes over $100,000 every month from her blog. With that said, I knew that I’d be learning from one of the best! After taking her e-course and implementing her strategies, I immediately saw results and made over $400 alone from affiliate marketing within a month (just four months ago). It was definitely worth the investment!


🌟 Update: In August 2018, I was able to make over $1,500 USD in affiliate earnings from my blog. And in September 2018, I made over $2,000 USD in affiliate earnings.

Below are my blog income results after taking Michelle’s course. You can read more about it in my series of blog income reports here.


how to make money fast with affiliate marketing


It is also worth noting that Michelle has a 30-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!



14. ShopTracker: Get FREE $36/year just for installing this app!

You can passively earn FREE money when you install the FREE ShopTracker app onto your phone or desktop. They will pay you because you’re helping them understand the behavior of buyers which allows them to create products that you actually want.

Also, do you buy stuff online from Amazon? I’m sure most of you do!

All you have to do is download it onto your PC or mobile device and link it to your online shopping account like Amazon. To put your heart at ease, you don’t have to worry because your name, address and credit card info will NOT be collected. They are only interested in the non-personal info about your purchases!

They will also instantly give you a FREE $3 Visa gift card here. Plus, passively earn $3 every month just for having the app installed on your phone. That’s a total of $39 with no effort — what a fast and easy way to make money!


🌟 Download the FREE ShopTracker app here and start earning FREE cash!



15. Make money with Paribus!

If you’re not using Paribus, then you’re missing out!

Here’s how Paribus can add value to your life.

Have you ever purchased something and realized it went on sale within the next few weeks? More likely than not, you didn’t even notice that item went on sale.

This app connects to your email inbox to scan for your receipts. When Paribus finds a price drop on any of the items you purchased, and you’re eligible for a price adjustment, it will notify you and the retailer. The best part is that you don’t have to go through the hassle of getting your money back because Paribus will do the work for you and you keep all the savings! 

This is a passive way to get FREE cash back into your pocket!

👉💵  You can sign up for Paribus for FREE here and put FREE money back into your wallet!



16. Drive for Lyft and get a $300 bonus

Make money fast through share ride companies like Uber or Lyft.

How much extra money you make depends on how many hours you drive, your car insurance, the cost of gas in your city, and how far you go. Make sure to sit down and analyze those factors to see whether you will benefit from this side hustle.

One of my tenants is a part-time Uber driver and he tells me that he enjoys making extra money from this side hustle on top of his school work and a 9-5 job. He also says he enjoys meeting new people and treats it as a networking opportunity.



17. Get paid to walk dogs via Rover

Excited about pet sitting, dog walking, or doggy daycare to make extra money?

If so, pet sitting makes the perfect side hustle for dog lovers who need the extra cash.

Whether you’re a college student looking for ways to save money, a stay-at-home mom or someone’s who’s already earning a full-time income from a 9-5 job, you can create your own working schedule and extra money with Rover.

According to this CNBC article, a woman from NYC grossed over $100,000 in one year, but after working less, she still earned over $60,000.

So, how much you make will depend on how many hours you want to put in.



18. Make money by decluttering your place

In my post, 11 Things We’ve Done To Make Money Fast, I mentioned that my fiance and I sold our unwanted clutter online for fast cash.

This is honestly one of the fastest ways to make money when you most need it.

Need to get rid of your CDs, DVDs, games, and books? You can sell them on Letgo and make money fast!

Got a spare iPhone, tablet, or old electronics that you don’t use anymore? Sell them on Gazelle.

To date, Gazelle has paid out over $200 million to their customers and they have a 9.5/10 score on ResellerRatings!

You also receive a $10 bonus for every friend you refer. So, if you refer 10 friends, that’s already $100 in your pockets! 🙂


Over to you — Are you interested in earning extra money? How do you make money every day?



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  1. Nice list panda!

    I’ve used selling many things that cluttered my apartment to get extra money. I’m also doing a few surveys online for money, but don’t get a lot from it.

    I never thought of flipping furnitures though. That seems like a nice and fun idea 😉

    1. Hey Poor Swiss!

      I love selling stuff I don’t use or need anymore. It’s my way of getting fast cash! 🙂

      You can definitely consider furniture. I remember your diy bookcase and you’ve got some serious talent going on there!! You might wanna try it out. I won’t be surprise if people wanna line up for your diy pieces 😉

      1. Haha, thank you very much 🙂 I don’t think it’s as good as you think. But we have a few more DIY projects coming in September. If we improve enough, I may end up trying to sell some of them 🙂

  2. Hey Panda,

    I really like the idea of selling used furniture, but wow I don’t think I could ever turn an old piece of furniture into art like you have with those tables. Impressive work.

    How much time would you say it takes, on average, to fix up a piece of furniture like that?

    1. Hi Dylan!

      Thanks for your comment! I would say it takes me six to ten hours (it depends on condition of item and I separate them into small tasks) but it never really feels that way for me bc it’s a hobby. It may take longer for bigger pieces like chest drawers but they sell for way more!

      Also, it depends on how you want to design it (my favorite part) and how much of a perfectionist you want to be, lol! Sometimes an idea sparks and I would just add something to it haha. Those minor things I never really count the “hours of work.”

      Thanks for dropping by! 🙂

  3. Hi, such an amazing ideas to start a blog on different niches. Really an useful post with clean and clear details. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep sharing.

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