10 Best Paid Survey Sites For Money 2020 ($50 PayPal Cash)

best survey sites that pay cash

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Best Online Survey Sites That Pay Cash

Whoa, take surveys for money and earn cash online with PayPal?

Really? Can you actually earn money for free online by taking paid surveys?

This idea may be new to some of you, but for those of you who have already heard about online survey sites, you might be asking:

  • What are the top survey sites that actually pay?
  • What are the highest paying online surveys?
  • What are the best survey sites to make money?

I bet you’re here today because you’re searching for ways to make some extra cash by taking free paid surveys!

Not to mention, I bet you could use a bit of extra money today.

Hmm… Like Homer, it’s no wonder why you often catch yourself saying: I need money now and fast! Whether it’s to cover for rent, food, donuts, or gas, we could all use some side income, right? 🙂




Why take paid surveys for money?

So, why should you take paid surveys online? What’s in it for you?

All of the top market research companies want to understand their consumers so they can create the perfect products and services for you.

For them to do that, they need to understand YOU and what YOU want. That’s why they are willing to pay you cash and gift cards in exchange for your opinion.


My experience with taking surveys online

Before we start, I want to share my honest opinion and experience as a survey taker for many years.

There are are thousands of survey sites that claim you get money for taking their online surveys but end up paying you nothing. There are also survey sites that don’t have many opportunities for you to earn extra cash.

That’s why at the end of this post, I list my very best tips to help you avoid scams and false promises made by those online survey sites.

For now, throughout this post, I will only list out the 10 best survey sites with very good to excellent Trust Pilot scores, so you can rest assured that they are legitimate and worth joining for some extra cash.

⭐ SPOLIER ALERT: Survey Junkie is a survey site I often use and recommend. What I really like about them is they still reward you with points even if you don’t qualify for some surveys.

These points can be redeemed for PayPal money or a free gift card of your choice once you hit a minimum of $10 which isn’t hard to achieve. Survey Junkie is one of the highest paying survey websites and you could earn up to $35 per survey when you sign up here. It’s totally free to sign up for and use!


👉 If you want to cut the chase, go straight to the list and join the highest paying online survey sites and earn up to $50 per survey.

By the way, if you’re Canadian, you may want to check out my other post on the 10 best paid survey sites in Canada here.


Best Survey Sites To Make Money

I also want to mention that these are not the “get-rich-quick” schemes that we hear of all the time.

I’ll be honest to tell you that taking online surveys won’t make you wealthy or become the next Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, but completing surveys for money in your spare time is definitely a quick and easy way to make extra money online on the side.

Having that said, getting paid to do surveys doesn’t cost you anything and it’s a fun side hustle that could definitely help make your spending more affordable.

That includes buying some groceries, filling up the gas for your car, buying birthday and holiday gifts for your besties, splurging on your favorite latte from Starbucks without having to cut back, and much much more! 🙂

It’s one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn money online with no experience required.


Earn up to $50 per survey

You may not make $100 per survey but you could sure earn up to $50 per survey with these legitimate companies! Yes, fortunately, you can make anywhere from $50 to $500 per month depending on how active you are.

Rest assured that the paid survey sites on this post are all legitimate that pay real cash and are top survey sites. Again, they are absolutely FREE to join and use!

With that said, below is a list of the best paid survey sites that you should join today.


💡PRO TIP: It’s clever to sign up for as many survey sites as possible so that you come across more earning opportunities. More earning opportunities equals more money and rewards.

To make life easy and organized, I highly recommend creating a new Google e-mail account that’s only for e-mail notifications from the survey sites you signed up for. That way you avoid clutter in your personal e-mail. That’s exactly what I’ve done and it’s helped tremendously!


Highest Paying Online Surveys:

I personally like earning free gift cards instead of PayPal money. But aside from earning free gift cards to your favorite shops, here is a list of the best online surveys that pay you actual cash when you need money…


1. Swagbucks surveys

Swagbucks is hands-down, another one of my most favorite online survey sites (I joined Swagbucks in 2009)! It’s also one of the most popular and well-known legit survey sites today.

I remember this being the very first survey site that I joined to make money, while I was in University, and I fell in love with them!


Because Swagbucks gave me the highest payout for my efforts. I was able to get free Starbucks coffee and drinks just by using Swagbucks! With the $50-$100 gift cards, I didn’t have to pay for some of those expensive $5 lattes as a broke student! Isn’t that ah-mazing??

Check out the free $50 PayPal that I can cash out in my Swagbucks account right now:

best survey sites for money paypal


Aside from earning PayPal money, you also have the choice to redeem your points for free gift cards to your favorite stores that you frequently buy from!

⭐ To date, my husband and I have each earned $5,000 from Swagbucks. That’s a total of $10,000 combined! You can create a FREE Swagbucks account here and get a $5 bonus just for signing up!

IMPORTANT: Remember to verify the e-mail from Swagbucks in your inbox to get your $5 sign-up bonus!


How does Swagbucks work? 

It’s super simple!

You earn “Swagbucks” points (SBs) and it’s your choice to redeem them in either FREE gift cards or cash — whatever you like! ❤️

Aside from taking surveys, you can also earn cash by:

  • Surfing the web and playing online games
  • Watching entertaining videos
  • Shopping online

Today, Swagbucks has already paid its members over $398,249,483 to date! 

You can sign up for Swagbucks free and learn more about how to use Swagbucks through this review and tutorial here.


2. Survey Junkie

Just over a year ago, I learned about Survey Junkie and let me tell you this…

They are one of my favorite best paid survey sites today!

I was able to earn over $58 in a month with them doing a few online surveys! There was one survey I completed about fitness that did not require a lot of effort for a higher payout of $28. I was very shocked because I didn’t expect survey companies to provide this kind of high payouts to survey takers!

While I was researching and reading about Survey Junkie on Trustpilot, the reviews really surprised me! Actual real users mentioned that this survey site helped them pay for their monthly utility bills. That’s at least $100! With that said, they deserve their 4.5/5 rating on Trustpilot Reviews!

One of my favorite features about Survey Junkie is their user-friendly interface (not old school like some other survey sites). This enhances user experience and allows you to navigate around easily.


How does Survey Junkie work?

Simple! 🙂

You get rewarded with points each time you complete a survey.

Since most surveys reward you between 50 to 200 points, you’ll be able to cash out and redeem your rewards in no time. The minimum payout threshold is $10, which is equivalent to 1,000 points.

The two payout options are 1) you get paid cash through PayPal or 2) you exchange your points for gift cards at your favorite shops.

👉 It literally takes less than 1 minute to sign up for Survey Junkie here. You can start earning some extra money online right now!


3. American Consumer Opinion

I recommend using American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) to earn some extra cash. I use this survey site because they pay you cash just for completing really simple questionnaires!

They’ve paid me to answer surveys that asked questions like… Where do you buy pop soda? Which stores do you purchase your soda from?

From my personal experience, each survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Not bad when you’re lying around your couch or bed with a bit of free time.

May as well earn a little extra spending money while you can! I like the fact that it’s FREE!

There are currently over 7,000,000 active members at ACOP today!

👉 You can sign up for American Consumer Opinion here and start earning extra cash today. It only requires your e-mail for free membership, so it definitely doesn’t hurt to give them a try!


4. MyPoints surveys

MyPoints is actually owned by Swagbucks so they are definitely trust-worthy and legitimate! I enjoy using them to answer surveys on a monthly basis for a free Amazon gift card.

The questionnaires are very simple and straight forward. When I take online surveys with MyPoints, there’s no thinking involved. That’s why I like to do them whenever I’m bored and want to fiddle around with my smartphone. It’s a light activity that you can do when you’re waiting for your bus or on your way to work on the subway. 🙂


How does MyPoints work?

Given that their name is “MyPoints” it’s a no-brainer that they pay you with points (their form of currency).

Once you accumulate enough points, you can cash out at their minimum payout of $10 for FREE gift cards, cash, and other rewards (it’s all up to you).

In addition to making money with paid surveys at home, MyPoints will also reward you for the things you do online, such as:

  • Watch video clips or movie trailers for quick cash
  • Shopping for the things you were going to buy anyway
  • Reading emails
  • Engaging in other fun online activities


👉 You can sign up for MyPoints here and earn up to $50 per survey. You’ll get a FREE $5 bonus after taking 5 quick surveys within the next 5 minutes. You’ll also earn an extra $1 bonus just creating your profile.

Signing up doesn’t cost anything and you can start earning extra money online today!


Are you interested in learning how I make an extra $1,000 just by using my smartphone?

Check out the best money making apps here! Similar to online surveys, it’s a free way to make money during your spare time! 💵


5. Vindale Research

best survey sites vindale

Vindale Research is a relatively newer online market research company and they’re paying for people like you for your time. You’ll earn anywhere between $0.50 up to $50 per survey and it’s absolutely free to join!

To get started, you can sign up here (if you are from Canada, use this link here) and start earning extra cash and free gift cards!

Their surveys are simple to do and again, membership is 100% free.

As you can see, Vindale Research has over $7,847,926 paid to its members, so you can rest assured it’s a legitimate survey and market research company!


6. Pinecone Research

I signed up for Pinecone Research and I found out that they are one of the highest paying survey sites out there. For each completed survey, you’ll earn $3!

That’s easy and free online PayPal money in your pockets right there — that’s equivalent to many free Starbucks or McDonald’s coffee that you could buy every day just for giving your opinion.

You could even use your PayPal money to get a $50 Amazon gift card for free! Everyone LOVES Amazon, so why not?

Aside from taking paid surveys, you also get opportunities to test new products before they hit the stores. What a cool way of trying new products for FREE! Plus, you can influence the companies’ decision of whether or not they should release those products.

You can only join Pinecone Research through invitation so feel free to use my links below.

👉💵 Sign up for Pinecone Research (U.S.) here.

If you live in Canada, you can sign up here.


7. Caddle Surveys

Caddle Surveys is only exclusive to Canadians and I think it deserves a mention in this post.

Aside from saving money on groceries and takeouts with the app just by simply uploading your receipts, Caddle also pays you extra money to take paid surveys.

In addition to getting FREE cash back for your Costco receipts and the home goods you normally shop for, they also give users a few extremely quick and easy surveys!

By that, I mean it literally takes less than 30 seconds to answer their survey questions. In my very honest opinion, it is by far one of my favorite cash back and surveys apps for Canadians!

I absolutely love Caddle because their surveys are the easiest and quickest to complete. Every Thursday they will refresh their list of surveys and as I said, each survey takes less than 30 seconds to complete.

If you’re Canadian, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this FREE app. It’s one of the highest payout for your time.

On top of getting paid to do a few surveys, you get rewarded for watching videos and engaging with brands. You also earn cash back from your groceries and other miscellaneous purchases.

👉🇨🇦 Canadians, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Caddle for FREE here and get a $1 welcome BONUS!


More online surveys that pay cash via PayPal

I am going to give you a quick list of other best paid online survey companies that deserve to be mentioned. I made this easy for you by separating them into regions — the U.S. and Canada.

Also, you can take advantage and grab your FREE cash bonuses just for signing up with your e-mail. 🙂


🇺🇸 For U.S. residents:

8. Inbox Dollars (get a FREE $5 bonus)

9. Vindale Research for the U.S. (get $1 bonus just for signing up with your e-mail, plus earn up to $50 per survey here)

10. Shopper’s Voice (get coupons, free products, samples, and a ton of other free stuff here)


🇨🇦 For Canadian residents:

11. Vindale Research for Canada (get $1 bonus just for signing up with your e-mail, plus earn up to $50 per survey here)

12. iSurvey World for Canada (get a $5 bonus)

13. Inbox Dollars (a.k.a. Daily Rewards) for Canada (get a FREE $5 bonus)


Which online survey sites are legit?

⛔️ Now, here are some red flags and warning signs you should watch out for!

You may be eager to earn money doing surveys with other companies that aren’t mentioned in this post, but be careful!

Here are three warning signs you need to watch out for before signing up for other paid survey sites. You want to make sure that those are online surveys that pay cash (or at least compensate you in some way).


1. Survey websites that make big promises

Is the survey site making big promises?

Are they telling you that you can quit your job to earn a full-time income by taking paid surveys online?

Yes, you can earn extra money doing surveys but don’t expect to make millions (or even thousands per month) because you won’t.

Taking surveys for money is just enough to earn you some side income for additional spending or paying off a small amount of your debt. Again, it makes an easy and quick side hustle.


Here is an alternative fun side hustle that could turn into a six-figure income…

Make money online blogging!

If you’re really looking for a side hustle that could potentially replace your income, I highly recommend learning how to start a blog that makes money. This is exactly what I did just a couple years ago as a beginner and it’s how I went from earning an extra $500 per month to over $10,000 per month!

Aside from taking paid surveys and earning some extra income, check out how I make money blogging here.

You can also sign up for my FREE 7-day blogging e-mail course below and I will show you how to make money online by starting a blog from scratch. I started with absolutely NO experience and you could too!

Spoiler alert: You DON’T need to be a tech wiz or a good writer to start a money-making blog…



2. Survey sites that aren’t free and charge a fee

Is the survey company asking you to pay a fee to join?

You should get paid for taking surveys, not the other way around!

Even if they ask for a small fee in exchange for unlimited earning opportunities, stay away from it because it’s likely a scam!

No matter how small the fee, you should never have to fork out a penny to join online survey sites. Based on the survey sites that I know, they are all FREE to join! All the surveys on this post are the best free survey sites available to you.


3. Survey websites that appear in your inbox without signing up

Beware of some companies sending you e-mails about survey opportunities.

If you don’t remember signing up for the survey site, don’t click on it. Simply ignore the e-mail and unsubscribe from it!


Related posts on how to make money online aside from taking paid surveys

If you’re looking for other ways to make money online, be sure to bookmark and check out readers’ favorite articles below.


Over to you — do you make money off surveys? Are you a member of these best survey sites? Do you recommend any other online surveys that pay cash?



Don’t forget to bookmark this and share it! 🙂

make money online with best survey sites

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  1. Most of these paid survey websites are limited to the US or Canadian citizens.

    I have tried Swagbucks.

    I am active on the other paid survey websites like;


    Any legitimate money making website for Indian nationals, let me know via. email

  2. I recommend this site IOpenUSA too. On average they pay cash rewards between $0.50 and $3 per survey completed. Rewards vary by survey opportunity. Also, you can take as many surveys as you like, payments through Paypal, Amazon, and G-codes when you reach 12,50 USD. Payment is done in less than 24 h of withdraw request. Best regards.

  3. Great content about money and surveys. Thanks for sharing your experience with them. I am definitely going to sign up for all of them and try it.

  4. these are really genuine survey websites. they are legit and working fine for a fact because I just received paypal money online from survey junkie. I dont like gift cards because I am a cash man. They just added $112.68 to my account today.. I am so grateful for this websites. Here are my very favorites: survey junkie, swagbucks and inboxdollars. I’ve never tried acop yet. never heard of them but thanks for posting this up. If you know more genuine survey sites pls let me know in advance.

  5. These are survey sites I recommend too. Been with swagbucks for about 3-4 years and I do them on and off, just whenever I have time. Questions aren’t hard. I’ve had one about QA at work that is in relation to my type of job. Then I had some questions about my opinion on acne and a few on vitamins and supplements. The questions aren’t very short but at the same time they are not very long either. There are gold surveys I eye out for but sometimes I dont really mind the standard ones. Like you say, doesn’t make you rich but it’s pretty decent for side money which is what ive been using for this time. I’ve yet to try the other sites you mention here but so far, I enjoy using Swagbucks for what it gives you – its nice to get extra cash in your pockets just for the sake of having more to spend.

  6. I am at home most times with the kiddos where my husband works. I don’t have an income but I’m ready to try these survey sites for additional money. I searched all over the web and everyone talks about how they earn about $1,000 a month. Is that how much you are able to bring in? How much time do you spend?

    1. Hi Melissa – I certainly don’t make $1,000 per month with surveys as I don’t spend THAT much time on them. When I was a student I was making $50 to $100 a month and combined with my BF at that time, we were earning $100 to $200 or sometimes even $300 a month depending on the online activities we engaged with and what special promos were being offered by the Survey sites. We mostly used Swagbucks for fun during our free time (on bus, watching a marathon of series, hanging out on my phone) and we still use it today for extra spending. Overall, I do tell people you don’t get rich from this but it’s a nice treat especially for those looking forward to a nice little gift card or PayPal cash.

      For starters I always recommend signing up for Swagbucks and Survey Junkie before adding another Survey site to your list. Those are very popular! MyPoitns and ACOP are other good ones.

      The good part is they’re free to sign up for and join so it go and give it a try!

      I hope this helps, Melissa!

  7. How about the rest of the world? Can Europeans sign up for any of those surveys? Could you inform us if there are any worldwide websites of this kind?
    Nice post, by the way!

  8. You can make money taking surveys but you can also earn $100 a day by blogging and affiliate marketing. This is how I earn daily online.

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