Ling Finsavvy Panda

Hey there!

Welcome to my online space!

My name is Ling and I initially started this blog, Finsavvy Panda, to document my financial journey so I could stop overspending and increase my savings to build wealth.

I didn’t know what to expect at first but this blog eventually became a place where over 100,000 monthly readers came back for my personal finance and money tips.

Whether you’re looking for tips on how to save money or make extra money so you can build wealth and improve your lifestyle, this blog is aimed to help you do that without feeling overwhelmed.

My goal is to help you build a healthy relationship with your finances without having to pinch your pennies or spend 24 hours a day hustling for money. I’m all about creating a healthy balance between work, family, and life.


A little bit about me

I’m extremely introverted, sometimes awkward in social crowds, but ironically I have been told that I’m very approachable and easy to get along with. Many people tell me that I’m an “extroverted” introvert – if that makes any sense?

I love hanging out at Starbucks to read about personal finance and work on my blog. I know that most personal finance bloggers would encourage me not to spend at Starbucks, but here are my favorite ways to save money at Starbucks!


My education and work experience in finance

I graduated from the University of Toronto with a business degree and majored in finance.

My top 3 favorite finance courses were Financial Planning and Personal Finance, Investments, and Money and Banking.

I also completed the Canadian Securities Course (CSC®) after the year I earned my business and finance degree. I’ve been working in the financial and banking industry as an Analyst in different areas of businesses since 2011 and completed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1 and Level 2 exams. I learned a ton about financial planning, investing, money, and banking from my education and work experience in the finance industry.

I worked for almost 2 years as an Investment Risk Analyst for a major Investment and Mutual Fund firm. I then switched jobs and worked for several years as an Equities, Fixed Income, and Foreign Exchange (FX) Market Data Analyst for a leading financial institution.


Personal Finance Blogger

Not too long after, I started to feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied with all my jobs. During that time, I was inspired by many personal finance blogs who wrote about their million-dollar journey and the numerous ways of building wealth.

Those personal finance topics include:

Saving Money

Frugal Living

Making Extra Money

Investing Money

While I was researching ways to improve my finances so I could live a better life, I got hooked with their blogging journeys and wanted to learn more about how personal finance bloggers were getting out of debt or improving their finances by making money online with their blogs.

These personal finance bloggers’ stories along with other different types of bloggers also encouraged me to start a blog too.

Inspired by their income reports, I also logged my blog income reports to show beginners that earning extra money online is possible. I knew absolutely nothing about earning money online and had no clue what “blogging” meant.

But after learning more about the online world, and implementing some traffic and monetization strategies onto this blog, the extra money I earned online allowed me to increase my savings and improve my financial situation too. It also gave me the option to quit my job so I could continue to learn more and focus on the readers of this blog.

Overall, letting go of my fear and starting this blog allowed me to explore the potential and opportunities outside of the standard 9-5 world. Today, I really enjoy working from home, or at Starbucks, and offering readers my best money and personal finance tips.


About Finsavvy Panda blog

Finsavvy Panda’s main focus is finding the best ways to save money and make money to help you get rid of debt and stop living paycheck to paycheck. This blog also covers topics about budgeting, investing, and building wealth.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me:

General questions: [email protected]

Work with me: [email protected]


Disclaimer: Please note that this is a personal blog where I share my personal experience, tips, and tricks about money matters. All opinions are mine. You should not take anything from this blog as professional advice. You can read more about the privacy policy here.