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I’m really happy and excited that you found me here! 🎋

First, a little bit about myself.

I’m a panda who struggled her whole life in search of passion, wealth, and happiness. What does that all mean, anyway? Well, I guess we’ll find out as I write more on this blog.

In 2011, my boyfriend and I carried $66,000 in student loans and $27,000 in consumer debt – a total debt of $93,000 with $0 assets. That means a net worth of -$93,000. Since then we started growing and lightly tracking our net worth from scratch. I say “lightly” because we only got more serious about it during the last quarter of 2016. Overall, we plan to🖕#fuckninetofive, free ourselves from corporate bullish!t, and live the life we want.


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In the past, we’ve made a lot of money mistakes. From blowing it on stupid sh!t to not knowing how to say no to people. 🤐 I’ll admit, we were sort of responsible (just a li…ttleee), but our minds were more focused on the YOLOOOOOO.

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However, the good thing is we learned from our mistakes and experience.

Putting all that crap behind us, I will be tracking our net worth every month to see what causes it to go up or down. I was inspired by the finance bloggers who track their journey towards financial independence. I encourage all of you to do the same!


What motivates me?

Coming from a very low-income family, my parents always stressed about money. I know wealth doesn’t equate to happiness, but it can ultimately buy freedom.

Freedom to…

– buy a SBUX latte every day without feeling the need to pinch pennies
– splurge on a few luxuries that we absolutely love
– pursue our dreams and passion without having to stress about our living expenses
– help and motivate millions who feel trapped (just like you)

Overall, we want the freedom to live a happy and fulfilling life.

When I was a little panda, I was naive, dumb, and clueless (who knows… maybe I still am, ha!).

Since childhood, my parents always told me that it’s impossible for us to live well, eat well, and buy experience ✈. I was brainwashed by them to think that being rich is only for the privileged and highly educated.

As a result, my parents gave up and never bothered to save or invest for their future.

In their heads, it goes something like this: “Oh well, that’s life… tough sh!t… better luck next time.”

They believed that creating wealth required having a lot of money and luck. On top, they always came up with excuses on why they couldn’t save. With that mentality, they always hoped that the lottery would come rescue them one day.

Hmmm…. waiting (1980s), waiting (1990s), waiting (20XX)……… that day still hasn’t come yet…..

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“Mom, Dad… It’s almost been 25 years!! Where’s our winning ticket???”


From rags to (maybe one day) riches

Anddddddddd…. this where my journey began…

In 2011, I received my first full-time job after earning a business degree at the University of Toronto.

For the longest time, I thought about my parents and their financial situation. People always say your kids are a reflection of who you are, but I did not want to be that reflection. I did not want to live the life my parents were living, nor did I want them to continue living this way.

My perception about money eventually changed, and I convinced myself that there’s a way out! As Bill Gates puts it: “If you are born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake.”

My fiance and I came a long way to build what we have today. But most importantly, we built a mindset that enables us, and anyone, to reach their goals.


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Despite working the bullish!t 9-5, which I’m looking to quit in the next couple years, I’m still learning and growing as an individual. I’m still learning all the things I could about money, creating wealth, and finding fulfillment. All the things I learn on a weekly basis will be valuable information shared on this blog 🙂

Most topics will be about:

Smart savings
Meaningful quotes that will motivate and inspire you (it’s my way to keep pushing you)

On top, I will make a lot of references to my most inspirational idol, Warren Buffett, throughout this blog. Here’s one for you.

I absolutely love love love him; words can’t describe how much I look up to this man!


Come join me!

So, I welcome you to walk with me along this financial adventure.

Throughout our journey together, always remember that any bump on the road is an opportunity for you to overcome challenges; it is often these difficult roads that lead you to the best places!

If you hang onto me, you’ll be managing your life and money, instead of having it manage you 😉

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