I Hate My Job! What To Do When You Hate Your Job (But You Can’t Quit)

i hate my job

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Do you hate your job but can’t quit?

Are you constantly going nuts and saying “I hate my job!”


It’s a tough situation and I bet these thoughts go through your head A LOT:

“I want to quit my job but I need money. What should I do?”

“I hate my job and my life. What can I do to change this?”

“What to do when you hate your job but can’t quit?”

“How do you deal with a job you don’t like?”

“My job is making me miserable. Should I quit?”


Well, I want to tell you that you are not alone!

According to a report by Gallup, 87% workers worldwide are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces.

Yep, that includes me!


I Hate My Job!

For the past few years, I’ve gone straight home to yell, scream, and cry because I felt stuck at a day job that I absolutely hate.

I admit I hate work and I hate going to work!

It didn’t matter how many jobs I switched or how much I got paid. I still felt miserable and sad deep inside.

Not to mention, I hate having to answer to man, especially those who think they’re “the” $hit, but I know they’re not; they’re just plain “$hit!”

Oh yeah, and I know it’s easy for people to tell you: “If you hate your job so much, you should just find a new one.”

Yes, I agree this works for people who want change and a new challenge at a new job. But for some (you know who you are), this won’t solve your problem.

I know that dreadful feeling you face when you’re at a job you hate so much (or any other job).

It can really sap the energy out of you!

But I want to tell you that you don’t have to feel this way.


What To Do When You Hate Your Job

So, you’re probably now asking, “What do you do when you hate your job?” and “How can I get out of my job?

Here’s what I’ve been doing to help me cope with a job I hate but can’t quit (yet).

BTW, don’t forget to check out some funny “I hate my job” memes at the end of this post to help you cheer up for the day! 🙂


🌟 UPDATE: I initially started this blog as a side hobby to learn how to make money online. To my surprise, I was able to quit my job to become a full-time blogger within 1 year after following the tips I wrote for you below. I sincerely hope this will help you too!


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This Quote By Warren Buffett Will Inspire You To Quit Your Job!




Ask yourself why you hate your job

Source: Avatar created using Bitmoji


It’s hard to solve your problem when you don’t know why you hate your job. The first step is to figure out the root cause.


Here are some common reasons why you hate your job:

– the people you work with are toxic.

– you are being micromanaged and controlled.

– your work is not appreciated and no one respects you.

– you are underpaid and overworked.

– there are no opportunities for growth or promotions.

– the work is not challenging.

– your company’s values are not in sync with yours.

– there is no work-life balance.

– the stuff you’re doing is just not what you expected.

– you are lacking passion and fulfillment.

– you just know that you cannot answer to man. (you want to be your own boss).

If all of the above is how you feel, except for the last point, then beefing up your resume and changing jobs may solve your problem.

However, if the last point also applies to you – like me – switching jobs will probably not help. This is where you need to do more digging and search for answers about yourself.


How to be happy at a job you hate

Thinking outside of your job, spend a few moments to figure out what makes you happy.

What do you love to do?

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I know this sound so cliche, but I cannot stress how important this is!

I admit that I had still have trouble figuring out what I love and want to do for the rest of my life.

We’re often asked the question, “What are your passions?” but we scratch our heads because we never seem to have the answers.

Don’t worry, I was there once. And to be honest with you, I still don’t know 100%. However, I’m able to answer this question better than before.

With that said, I want to help you search for your answers too.

What I’m about to say might be different from the general advice, but following the steps below helped me figure out what sparks joy within me.

This is how to stay happy at work despite hating your job. It’s what helped me cope with the current job I hate and I hope you’ll be inspired to do the same as well.


What do you do when you hate your job

After asking yourself why you hate your job, it’s time to do some internal research.

That means learning more about yourself and finding your purpose.

what to do when you hate your job but can't quit / how to quit your job / quit your job tips
Photo by Heather Schwartz on Unsplash

This free personality test may help you search for some answers — I have to admit that I didn’t really know myself that well prior to taking this test!

If it weren’t for this test, I wouldn’t have discovered the opportunities outside of the 9-5 (or today’s 9-9) traditional jobs that I hate so much!


Don’t let social norms dictate who you are

I have to say, though, you’ll have to be 100% honest with yourself when you take the personality test.

Don’t try to force your answers to what society thinks you should be. That will just lead you back to confusion, unhappiness, and potentially stuck at the job you hate forever.

Using myself as an example, when I first found out that I’m an INFJ (one type of introvert), I was flipping out and thought it was the end of the world!

I was quite upset and mad about it.


Well, I didn’t realize this, but I wanted the results to tell me that I’m an extrovert.

For goodness sake, the job that I’m in is dominated with more extroverts than introverts (at least that’s how it seems on the surface)!

Perhaps there are many introverts who disguise themselves as extroverts because they subconsciously think that is what’s going to make them become more successful, make more money, and hence become happier.

Despite knowing deep inside that the personality test results were pretty accurate, I still redid the test over 50 times because I couldn’t accept myself.

The results kept screaming out, in Nelson’s laugh… 


I realized that my self-denial was making me become close-minded, which clouded my vision and prevented me from seeking other opportunities.

With that said, it was time for me to be 100% honest with myself…


Embrace yourself!

This may mean letting go of your ego and accepting who you really are.

Doing that may open more doors to other career opportunities that you would have never thought about.

It’s time to look for other career opportunities — whether it be finding a new job or looking for non-traditional work from home jobs for introverts.

Being 100% honest with yourself can lead you to opportunities that you never thought would be possible.

That’s when I finally told myself that I need to accept the facts and embrace who I really am.

You also need to train yourself to become open-minded to new possibilities and be ready for some change!


🌟 UPDATE: I NEVER in my life imagined that I would transition from a traditional day job as an analyst at the bank to start a profitable blog and become a full-time blogger!

Trust me, I’m NO expert and I started with absolutely zero experience just over a year ago!

There are a ton of things I still need to learn, but I never felt this excited about working from home and being able to earn a full-time income online!


Discover Other Potential Career Opportunities

what to do when you hate your job but can't quit / quit your job / how to quit your job / financial freedom

Once I accepted my results from the personality test, I endlessly searched about my personality type and read EVERY SINGLE article and blog post I could find on Google and Pinterest!

I highly recommend you to do this too.

Search for answers to find out more about your personality type. This self-discovery could help you learn more about yourself, and potentially what you may enjoy doing.

I found this to be especially true when I was reading about my personality trait under the jobs and career sections.

Using my personal results as an example, it says INFJs are creative creatures and would do well and find meaningful work as psychologists, designers, artists, professors, life coaches, or authors (including starting a blog).

Again, all of these career opportunities NEVER crossed my mind because my vision was clouded by my parents’ and society’s expectations.

They all told me that I should graduate from business school and climb as high as I can in the corporate world.

And look at where I am now…

Bouncing from one corporate job to another and hating it with a passion!

I’m just not a fan of corporate work or corporate politics… I just like the idea of financial freedom so I can live life with purpose and spend more time with the people I love.

With all that said, this is why I started a blog in addition to flipping furniture as a side hustle for extra money.

Again, starting this blog was out of this world for me because I never considered myself a writer (I still don’t). For crying out loud, I failed grade 11 English, LOL!

I couldn’t tell you how much happier I’ve become. I’m currently writing for my readers while making extra money on the side.

On top of that, being able to write on this blog is helping me cope with a job I hate but can’t quit (yet). ♥

I hope this inspires you to start your blog too.


🌟 UPDATE: Just one year ago when I wrote this post, I was still at a job I hated.

I tried a ton of side hustles to make extra money, but I found blogging one of the most enjoyable and profitable! And what I realized is you DON’T need to be tech savvy nor the best writer to start a money-making blog!

At the time of this update, I’m making over $7,000 per month blogging. I officially started this blog in November 2017 (with no experience) and was able to quit my job by the end of 2018.

Sign up to my FREE 7-day e-mail course here and I’ll teach you how to start a money-making blog from scratch!



I hate my job but it pays well

Now, some of you may be thinking “I hate my job but it pays well”.

If you had to take one person’s advice, take it from the billionaire, Warren Buffett.

While I was searching for new career opportunities, I stumbled upon this quote, which I put a lot of thought into.

Again, the personality test helped me figure out which career could be the right fit for me based on my personality results.


“Take the job you would take if you were independently wealthy. You’re going to do well at it.” — Warren Buffett


i hate my job quotes


Here’s a quick video clip of Warren Buffett’s career advice, tap dancing to work…


For me, I gave flipping furniture and blogging a try AFTER figuring out my personality type.

As I got into learning more and more about it, I realized that those hobbies and potential career opportunities sparked my interest!

Whether you love cooking, crafting, cleaning, crunching numbers, talking to people, making people laugh, playing with kids, or [whatever it is], you need to figure out what you enjoy.

While I was trying to learn more about myself, I had to stop thinking about what jobs my parents wanted me to pursue. They wanted me to become “successful” and their definition of success meant high-paying jobs in accounting, banking, law, medical, etc.

Overall, I stopped caring about what my parents wanted. I also stopped caring about what society defines as “right” or “successful”.




Quit your job to chase your passions??

And NO, I’m not telling you to quit your job now to blindly chase your passions!

I know you have financial obligations and cannot afford to quit your job.

Spare some time to take the personality test and do thorough research based on your results.

Those results may help you think about how to leverage your skills and interests to make money.

As you get closer to finding your answers, set aside some time on weeknights and weekends to pursue these interests, hobbies, passions — whatever you want to call them.

That’s exactly what I’m doing with this blog and my furniture gig. I’ve spent time learning how to flip furniture and how to start a blog to make extra money.

I will tell you straight up that this doesn’t happen overnight. It took me over one year just to be here, and I’m nowhere near quitting my job yet.

But, I am taking small steps to get to where I want to be.

This self-discovery journey includes investing in yourself as well, another brilliant advice from Warren Buffett.


“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” — Warren Buffett


i hate my job


Once you start investing your time, money, and energy into your hobbies and interests, you won’t even notice that times flies because you’ll be so focused on trying to make things work so you can quit your job soon.

Long story short, learn and study yourself as if you’re studying for an exam.

Try many different things to see what brings you joy. Start googling for more answers. That includes seeing if there’s a way to monetize your skills, passions, and interests.

You can also start reading self-development books for additional help here.

By the way, you don’t necessarily have to be skilled as long as you have a strong interest in learning whatever it is that you enjoy doing.

You may want to invest in yourself while learning or picking up a new skill you find enjoyable that is, of course, marketable at the same time.

For me, I used my spare time to invest in a blogging education so I could learn how to monetize what I enjoy doing.


Are you chasing the wrong passions?

Here is a quick video by life coach, Shaina Leis, that I found VERY helpful when it comes to knowing whether or not you’re chasing the wrong passions.

Be sure to watch it!


Action plan: How to quit your job

How do you plan to quit your job? When is your “quit” date?

First, look at the bigger picture and plan for your long-term goals.

Next, break them down into smaller goals.

Once you figure out why you hate your job and understand yourself better, it’s time to focus on your new “life goals” and slowly shift your negative energy away from the job you hate.

It could be that you’re looking for a new job, learning a new skill for a new job, or starting a business on the side.

Again, I’m not telling you to quit now when you have no money — you won’t be financially ready and that will likely cause more stress.

As usual, continue with your job and do what’s expected based on your job description while you’re preparing for an exit plan.

You’re still held responsible for your tasks and duties at work, so don’t show any negative emotions.

And definitely, DO NOT give any hints that you’re preparing to quit your job.

Remain professional about the situation so you avoid being axed. Trust me, you don’t want to burn any bridges or leave with a bad impression.

Efficiently use your time and energy to focus on your next big move. This is where you write down your plans and goals.

To make it more motivating, markdown your desired “quit” date on your calendar. Make sure this is realistic.

As time goes by, do quarterly and/or semi-annual reviews to see how things are going. It’s okay to tweak your plans and make adjustments.


How to quit your job when you have no money

Quitting your job with no money is no joke.

So, take the necessary steps to become financially secured before saying bye to your boss!

what to do when you hate your job but can't quit / quit your job / how to quit your job / financial freedom

To do that, you must have sufficient financial resources.

Without it, you will become more stressed than sucking up the job you hate.

Maybe some of you are lucky enough to have a support system such as family and friends. But what if you don’t have these resources to lean back on?

Here are some tips on how to prepare yourself financially before quitting your job:

Living frugally by avoiding waste and unnecessary spending. This will also help you build an emergency fund as a backup plan. It is recommended to build at least 3 to 6 months worth of living expenses. But the more the better.

Pay off as much debt as you can (especially consumer debt).

Prepare for financial independence by following the secret tips from millionaires.


Keep Asking Yourself the “Why”

what to do when you hate your job but can't quit / quit your job / financial freedom / hate your job

Two years ago, I went to see a counselor and went through several therapy sessions paid by my company.

Here’s one tip my counselor offered when we talked about how much I hated my job but couldn’t quit yet.

This is what he asked me. You can apply this to yourself as well:

“Ask yourself why you’re still at the job you hate. Why aren’t you leaving? There must be a purpose. What’s the end goal?”

I responded something along the lines:

“I’m still here because it can help me buy a ticket to financial freedom while being able to pursue my other hobbies on the side. I know that switching to another job will not solve my problems because I have a goal of becoming so and so (not sharing that part yet). If sticking around for a few more years can yield huge payoffs for my family’s future, I’m more than willing to sacrifice a little bit today.”

He told me to always keep this “why” in mind because it will make the job I hate much more tolerable. He said as long as you know what your life goals are, and how to get there, this “why” should serve as a motivating factor.


I Quit My Job To Blog Full-Time!

After keeping my “why” in mind and working towards my goals, I was able to move onto new and better things!

Again, it never crossed my mind to quit my job this soon!

When I started this blog, I liked the idea of making an extra $100 to $1,000 as a start. Making extra money definitely helped a lot because it allowed me to save money as I was preparing to quit my job.

If you’re interested, you can start your blog for as low as $2.95 USD per month when you sign up through my easy step-by-step tutorial here. That’s over 60% off regular pricing! Plus, get a FREE domain name ($15 value) when you sign up through my tutorial.

This low price is exclusive to Finsavvy Panda readers!

Starting a blog was the best decision I made last year because it actually allowed me to work towards my goals and quit the job I hated!



Summary on what to do when you hate your job

Well, there you have it — my approach to dealing with a job you hate but can’t seem to quit yet. It will take time, but the most important part is getting started.

Here’s my recap:

1) Ask yourself why you hate your job. Determine the root cause.

2) Do you know what you enjoy? What is your life’s purpose?

3) Whether you know your passions or not, take the free personality test to find out.

4) Research more about your personality trait and find out which careers match closest to your type. A lot of this has to do with self-discovery. Starting a money-making blog opened many doors and opportunities for me!

5) Take Warren Buffett’s advice:

– Take the job you would take if you were independently wealthy. You’re going to do well at it.
– The best investment you can make is in yourself.

6) Create an action plan (and goals) for when and how to quit your job. Make sure you do periodic reviews and adjust accordingly.

7) Create a financial plan (and goals) for when and how to quit your job. Like the action plan, make sure you do periodic reviews and adjust accordingly.

8) Keep asking and reminding yourself the “why” question. This should serve as your motivation.


Over to you — Are you motivated to start slaying your “quit your job” goals? Don’t forget to check out a few of my favorite “I hate my job memes” below. It can bring out some good laughs when you just can’t stand the job you hate!


“I hate my job” memes


i hate my job meme love my job



i hate my job meme coworker



i hate my job meme friday



i hate my job meme meeting



i hate my job meme sunday cat



i hate my job meme cat




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what to do when you hate your job but can't quit

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  1. Hey Panda!

    What a great post! and your timing couldn’t have been more perfect for me. For couple months I’ve been asking myself “Why I hate my job” and things like “micromanagement” and “overworked underpaid” keeps popping. I did the personality test and I am a ISTP, I’m easily motivated as long as you give me a direction, I will figure out a way to make it happen.

    For me at the end is all about the “Why”, I’m a Simon Sinek follower and as he says, If the company that you work doesn’t have a vision and goal that resonates with you, that gives you a
    “why” to wake up in the morning and give the best of you (besides paying the bills lol), then that company is destined to keep losing top talent by lack of motivation.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hey Derek!

      Like you, I absolutely hate the micro managing part! That just drives me nuts and is one of my pet peeves haha. But I’m not overworked (like I used to be); I backed off when I realized that people were just taking advantage and when I was being “too nice” so now I just do my work and leave, lol.

      I know we had talks about FI and I hope you will get there soon! I know you will. It will just take a bit of time. Keep up with your awesome work!

  2. You know what else helps when you don’t like your job? A MATERNITY LEAVE! It’s the best! 🙂

    It gives you a nice break from your job (well in Canada, for up to a year).

    I was getting burnt out from my job. Terrible management doesn’t help- I had a great manager then she retired (she was a servant leader style and an introvert!). Now my manager isn’t very good at all so I’m not looking forward to going back.

    1. Haha I had a gut feeling you were going to mention about mat leave!! But first, I need a baby. That thought does cross my mind time to time but if I’m not ready for baby yet, I shouldn’t force it just because of mat leave. I wish I felt ready for one so that I could take advantage of that. Lol!!

      Oh boy, do you think you’ll find a new job if the new manager isn’t your type of style? That really sucks when you’re fine with your work and all but a new manager who has different views from you comes in…

  3. I love the Quit Now tool!

    And so appropriately named! I am so glad you are finally embracing INFJ. You are more like Mother Theresa than you know!

    I still have my personality article drafted…I retook the test a few times, and now have a new title for it, “OMG Do I Have Multiple Personalities”…yeah, so….I’m not ready to publicly share that one yet anymore. lol.

    I am so proud that you shared yours!!! Keep embracing it and rocking it! And I’m looking forward to watching you reach your goal of becoming so and so!

    1. Lol “quit now” tool is credit to Tom for coming up with that name!

      Hah, I couldn’t see myself like a mother Theresa or Martin Luther king. But I guess I’ll take that lol!

      Haha it would be so cool to read about your multiple personality and I know we had discussion about that! It must have been the toast masters that changed you!!

      Yeaaa you and I are going to reach FI and so and so in no time 😊

    1. Hi Tom

      I am really hoping what I’m doing will yield substantial payoffs in the future. I know that you and Mrs. DD nailed it 🙂

  4. For most of my life I enjoyed my job but not the managers so much! You find ways to cope with it until the next manager comes around:) And don’t lose sight of the Why.
    Great post:)

    1. Lol, it’s too bad that I couldn’t handle any managers (especially those that micromanage and don’t listen/like to “know it all” types).

      There are definitely ways to cope with it until we can GTFO haha!

  5. Great post! I hated my job for so many years, and I wish I found this list then!

    Now I managed to convince my boss to work part-time, but what helped me more than anything else is what you mention in point 2 and 3: find something else in life!

    If your job is everything and you hate it, you will always struggle and be unhappy. Find new interests and new hobbies. Once you care about something else, your job is not as important anymore.

    And I love point 8: keep your end goal in mind, ALWAYS!

    1. That’s awesome that you were able to convince your boss to work part-time. It must help a lot!

      I find that when I work from home, it helps me. But unfortunately, I don’t want to work from home too much because I still want to be at the office. It’s nice to see people and not be stuck at home or alone all the time. Not to mention, if I work from home too much it might look bad.

      And yes, always keep your mind on that end goal. It’s something that can give you that small push.

  6. Panda!
    Great post, I have been fortunate and have never hated my job. I have certainly have had bad day’s and asked myself WHY I am still working. When I have those day’s I remember my goals and find something else in life that makes me happy!

    1. Hey Steve!

      It’s nice to hear that you never hated your job. Maybe “hate” can be a really strong word, lol! I know what you mean by those certain bad days that just frustrate you. We just gotta learn to let it go (like Disney’s Frozen, hah!)………

      You’re now doing whatever you like on your on terms, so it must be a great feeling to know you achieved FI! Kudos to you!! 🙂

  7. LOVE THIS!!!! Such great steps for pursuing what you actually love! The hobby you love to do so you’ll be making an income and not be dreading to work…I’m so thankful for your advice because it sure has helped me! I think that anyone who uses these steps will break out of a job they hate. And honestly the counselor was right- with your answer you gave you will go far in life 😊
    Keep up the great work!!!

    1. Hey LFF!

      I am so happy to see that you started your side gig!

      You are doing an incrdicble job at it so I won’t be surprised if you end up having your cute lil shop to sell. Just the thought of that sounds super exciting! All of that just makes you laser focused on your passions and not the negative things, right? 😊

      I’m also happy to see that you’ve been reading personal finance books. That must be really helping you as well. You start to realize that as you learn more, you will eventually earn more (one of Warren Buffett’s quotes).

      As always, thanks for your encouragement. Having you to talk to on IG has made my days feel better ❤️

    1. Hey Dividend Geek (lol, I love your name).

      That’s great that you love your job!! Honestly, studies show that up to a certain salary, ppl reach a point where more money doesn’t equate happiness. I think that was the ballpark of about $75k?

      Anyone as rich as mister duck would likely find meaningful things to do that bring them happiness. He can totally afford to do that lol!!

      Thanks for dropping by! I appreciate it 😊

  8. Good for you for finding ways to deal with not liking your job. Seems like blogging and flipping furniture has given you ways to minimize dreading your job.
    Great post as usual Panda!

    1. Hey Kris!

      Yes, it has because it’s something I look forward to when I just want to get off work. To be honest, I even do some blogging stuff during my lunch break, like right now, responding to your comment haha!

      I hope people can find something that they enjoy doing; so that they can cope with their day job that they don’t like and where quitting or bouncing to another job is not a solution to their problem.

  9. I feel your pain, Ms. Panda! My job has been better since I work 100% from home now but it still annoys me often. I use it as motivation to get the side hustle on and to ramp up the efforts to create passive income. If you get to your breaking point though, don’t be afraid to try something else. Life is too short to be completely miserable! Take care friend!

    1. Hey Mr. DS!

      I work from home sometimes too, but not that often. Maybe once every two weeks. It’s nice to go into the office to see people once in a while since I don’t want to lose interaction with the world (yet) LOL…

      But working from home can help you get a lot of stuff done. You can even do blogging related stuff when you have some down time (as long as you’ve met your bosses’ expectation and get all your work $hit done and no complaints from any stakeholders). It’s nice to have that flexibility.

      I agree with you that life is too short to be completely miserable. And that’s why finding something you enjoy on the side helps 100%! It would also make a great transition if that passion turns into something you can live off of. 🙂

  10. I love it, asking myself these sort of things years ago got me to where I am today. I know what work I like to do, what work I can do and what pays better.

    Now I take the work that pays better as a conscious choice, and happily accept the downsides as a trade off.

    1. Hey Ms ZiYou!

      It’s definitely important to ask these questions. I find that it’s a way to discover and learn more about yourself.

      I would happily take a lower pay as long as it doesn’t affect my desired lifestyle (plus being able to save for my future self). On top, it’s also important to build a cushion that can absorb any financial shock.

  11. I find that most of the time, it’s not the job itself that people hate to go to. It’s the people that they are collaborating with. If you have been working with people from hell, it doesn’t matter how much of a dream job it is, it will suck the soul right out of ya.

    When I encounter any challenges at my job that makes me want to quit, I would remind myself of the why I am in this job and what it will help me achieve. That usually distracts me from negative thoughts about my job.

    1. Hey Leo!

      I agree with you that most of the time, it’s not the job. Who you work with matters a lot! And it helps when you work with people who have similar goals and vision as you.

      At the end of the day, I really believe that having a strong tolerance for different types of people is an important skill. I admit that I’m still working on that.

      I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who is going through this… You’re right about this part: reminding yourself of why you’re in this job and how it will help with your end goal. It does distract me from negative thoughts as well 🙂

  12. Well this is timely, considering I just applied for an internal position last week and found out today when my interview for that is. I don’t know that the new job would bring me any satisfaction (and I ultimately don’t know if I’d want to work the overtime it requires) but I’m hoping to at least start a conversation with HR about my compensation. Because I’m not fulfilled here (and I’d like to be but don’t know if really ANY desk job will be able to give me that) but I might as well get paid more in the meantime anyway!

    1. Hi Erin!

      I know what you mean… I always had the thought of whether being at a desk would make me happy. I’ve been having those thoughts since I was in University, lol!

      Definitely negotiate more pay if you can!! You’re right, you may as well get paid more for what you’re currently doing if you feel that you deserve it (especially if the job requires you to do OT)! I always learned that we should be firm and never undersell ourselves. This was a mistake I’ve made (still making) many times. Plus, earning more will just bring you closer to financial freedom at a faster pace. But remember to make time for the things you love to do! 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by!! 🙂

  13. This is a great post. Good job. I can tell you put a lot of time and energy into this.
    I hated my old job during my last year. The technical part was fine, but everything else sucked. It was exactly like your #1.
    Anyway, I put my head down and pushed through the final year and I’m in a much better place now. I knew changing job wouldn’t work because I tried that before. It helped for a few years, but I became dissatisfied again.
    Good luck!

    1. Hi Joe!

      I know what you mean by switching helps for a few years, but we become dissatisfied again. If we can find that one thing we love so much and never get tired of it, I think we’ve found our true passion!

      I’ve read your blog posts and it’s honestly so inspiring! I feel like I can relate to your past stories. For example, when you mention about your work, saving money, investing in the markets and RE, living within your means, staying up until 1 am to blog, and trying to strive for freedom. I’m like… omgosh, I feel like I’m reading about me in a way. Slowly….. but hopefully my fiance and I will get there one day. But of course, don’t wait until retirement to have fun!!

      Now that you have freedom, it must feel amazing! 🙂

  14. Hi Panda!

    Congrats on this journey of self-discovery and slaying goals! I relate a lot to many of the things you share…I am super motivated to slay my quit-job-goals, that’s one of the things that drives me every day! I wouldn’t say I hate my job with all my heart, but most lawyers I know (myself included) would agree that this is quite a miserable profession, it’s just too stressful and too time consuming. You’re always thinking about that question you didn’t ask or that e-mail you need to send, even while you’re in the shower. That sucks… I would love to do something more creative 90% of my time, and lawyering 10% of my time…so like you, beefing up my resume and going elsewhere is not what I want…your “why” and my “why” are very similar. 🙂

    I think hobbies are a great way to discover our passions, I discovered fashion design and sewing is one of mines, I had no idea I was such a creative person until a few years ago. I also enjoy blogging, it also helps me cope because it gives me a sense of purpose and belonging to something bigger in the world. Both things are very rewarding, liberating and help me be less focused on dreading every day at work.

    Oh, and I did the personality test! I’m a ENFP-T…very telling this test! Haha Stay well and keep on hustling my friend!

    1. Hey Lily!

      You definitely sound like a creative person! I am not surprised that you’re into fashion since you blogged about shoes and jeans hehe! On top of that, you look very fashionable too!! ❤️ I also can’t forget that kitchen you designed — amazing!

      Haha yeah, I feel ya about not wanting to go anywhere else. You just want to do the things you enjoy so that it doesn’t feel like a job. I actually enjoy crafting things and I would do it even if I wasn’t getting paid (as long as I’m financially independent). I would love to make stuff for ppl on my spare time but unfortunately no time 🙁

      And yes… gotta think back about that “why” questions. It keeps me going!

      I just looked up your personality type! That’s cool that you’re a campaigner. I know a few ppl who are campaigners and they are very positive! They seem happy and can easily let things go and easily get along with ppl — all great qualities!

      P.S. since you and Miguel are both lawyers, I’m sure you two will have no problem reaching your financial independence/freedom 🤗

  15. I dig this! I don’t like my job because it is soooo boring, yet I also fear jumping into a new career that is incredibly hard. Ha!

    Those personality tests are a great idea! I was the same way, I kept getting results I hated haha. It said my perfect career fit was the current job I’m in! Finally, I had my husband take it for me (he knows me best!), and the best job match for me was still the job I’m doing now. 😐😐😐😐 talk about depressing!!!

    1. Hello Steph!

      Nice to hear from you again!!

      I’m sorry that I missed this comment earlier. I actually didn’t realize until my fiancé told me last night 😰. I think WordPress missed sending me a notification lol!

      And yes I know what you mean by jumping into a new career can be scary but I just tell myself “eff it. I’m gonna just do it!” Lol! I just tell myself I don’t care if I lose or make a mistake. Just the fact you tried will make you feel better.

      Lol my fiancé got me to do his test too but it took sooo many times of trial and error until he finally figured it out… at least he’s starting to figure it out now. He’s been thinking a lot lately haha

  16. I’m feeling everything you talked about on this post!!!!!! I hate my job so much to the point where I just want go tell my manager I’m out but I can’t do that yet because it pays me pretty well and I also have bills to pay!!!!!!! Thank you v much for sharing your experience. I’m sure it wasn’t easy for you.

    1. Hi James,

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation, but I’m sure it will become better! A lot of us hate our jobs but we have the power to change that if we take the steps to move forward with our action plan. I was trying my best to try many different things during my spare time — that includes learning and improving my skills on the things I enjoy doing. This allowed me to quit my job sooner than I had thought. I hope this helps! I wish you the best 🙂

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