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My name is Ling and I love finding ways to save, budget, and earn more. I’ve also become a Pinterest addict who enjoys teaching beginners how to start a blog and earn money online by using Pinterest

Understanding the TRUE pain and struggle of living paycheck to paycheck and NEVER having any extra money to travel or enjoy the finer things in life growing up, I was motivated and managed to save my first $100,000 by age 26 through investing and discovering different ways to increase my income. I’m all for flexibility and balance, so I’d love ❤ to help you do all of this WITHOUT telling you to cut back on your favorite Starbucks drinks!

Several years ago, I started this blog as a total beginner with NO tech and NO writing experience and was able to earn some extra income on the side. Within a year, I started earning a full-time income from blogging, and I decided to quit my job! Now, I want to help you start your blog from scratch and live life with a purpose, so come join me today!

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Budgeting and saving money are essential to you and your family. This can help you avoid financial stress such as living paycheck to paycheck, getting into debt, or experiencing a sudden job loss. Build yourself a cushion by creating an emergency fund and learning how to save more with our tips.


Saving money is important, but there is a limit to how much you can save. Making more money not only helps you save more, but also gives you greater flexibility to spend on things you love, value, and enjoy without having to pinch your pennies. Increase your earnings so you can finally live more!


Starting a blog is one of my favorite ways to earn extra money. I started a blog as a side hustle, and I was able to grow my earnings from $0 to over $10,000 per month in 18 months. Starting a blog has also allowed me to quit my job and gain more freedom. Follow my $10K blogging journey to learn more.

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