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Do you want to get long-lasting and consistent Pinterest traffic to your blog using my tried-and-true strategies that actually work?

My dear friend…

You’re a beginner who just started your blog and have NO clue on how to attract tons of followers and readers to your page.

Or it could be that you’re past the “beginner” stage and you’ve already attempted to get traffic with Pinterest, but nothing worked out for you. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

I totally get you because I went through the EXACT same struggles.

No matter how many traffic strategies you’ve tried, you just can’t understand why Pinterest isn’t showering you with love!

Like you, I was furious and wanted to bang my head against the wall. There was even a time when I was THIS close to giving up on my blog!

Thank goodness I didn’t quit because that was my first turning point. I started earning my first $100, $500, $1,000 and eventually over $20,000 all thanks to FREE and organic Pinterest traffic. Today, I earn a healthy six-figure income with my blogging business because I didn’t give up on learning how to drive traffic from Pinterest.

I reached my first 100,000 monthly pageviews in November 2018 and consistently maintained it throughout (around 1.06 million pageviews in the period of 9 months):

By April 2019, I earned my first $10,000 monthly income, which filled my heart with joy and excitement. After having experience with my first blog, Finsavvy Panda, I created a second website (a lifestyle blog) to diversify my blog earnings. That second blog got accepted into Mediavine too! You can see it received 1.5 million pageviews in the 10-month time period:


And my traffic has been pretty consistent for another one of my other blogs!


You can see my traffic in a month has exceeded over 200,000 pageviews just by using Pinterest!


Initially, I persisted no matter how hard or impossible it seemed. I finally figured out many Pinterest tricks throughout my five years of blogging experience that many Pinterest experts didn’t teach me despite paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for many e-books, courses, and resources. There were many not-so-obvious lessons that I had to learn on my own in my years of using Pinterest.

Whether you’re new to Pinterest or a blogger who’s been using it for a while, you have a simple goal — to gain thousands of monthly pageviews to your blog, raving fans, and loyal customers, so that you can make a BIG impact on your readers and finally earn money with what you enjoy doing.

Here’s What Most People Think About Pinterest…

For many years, people have been wondering how is it possible to get traffic from Pinterest to their blogs? Isn’t this just a social media where you Pin your favorite recipes, quotes, hairdos, and fashion outfits?

Yes, Pinterest is a social media, but it’s more than just that. It’s also a search engine — just like Google — where Pinners are typing in the Pinterest search bar for ideas, inspirations, and problems to their solutions.

This is where your readers will find and discover your website, blog posts, sales page, and brand, which all translates to traffic and the opportunity for you to make money online! Since 2018 to now, I’ve been earning a six-figure annual income with my blogs all because of the traffic I get from Pinterest!

Many people think that getting consistent Pinterest traffic to a blog requires some sort of secret formula or hack that only the Pinterest marketing experts know. However, that is not true at all. It is still possible to get explosive traffic on Pinterest in 2024 and beyond even when you have no experience with blogging, social media, writing, marketing, or whatsoever! All it takes is the right blueprint, method, and training on learning exactly who YOUR audience is on Pinterest.

The lessons are not hard. In theory, they sound pretty simple. The hardest part is motivating yourself and actually taking the time to implement the right tips, strategies, and hacks. I purposely created The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic so you can easily follow along and take action. It’s a very comprehensive ONE-STOP shop with a 5-Week Program all laid out for you – all you have to do is follow it!

Without action or putting any work into your blog and Pinterest account, you won’t get traffic.

"The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic is the perfect resource for someone who is looking to get Pinterest traffic to their website. From learning how to actually start your Pinterest account to helpful topics such as Pinterest SEO and creating the perfect Pin, there are many topics to help you succeed on Pinterest. I have been on Pinterest for years and I still was able to take many actionable tips from this guide!"
Michelle Schroeder-Gardner
Owner and Blogger @ Making Sense of Cents

Here’s how to get lots of Pinterest traffic, so you can finally earn your first $100, $500, or $1,000 per month. Simply, rinse and repeat to grow your blog income beyond this level!

You may have heard many experienced bloggers and online business owners tell you that you don’t need a lot of traffic to earn a full-time income. YES, that is true, and they are not lying to you. I understand what you’re thinking and how you feel because I used to think this was impossible too.

As someone who’s been doing this for several of years, I can now understand why the experts say you don’t need explosive traffic to make money blogging. HOWEVER, that may not be the right advice for those of you who have NO to LITTLE experience blogging, writing blog posts, and using social medias. This is especially true if you have no experience with sales, marketing, or running a business!

I’m going to tell you right now that you’re going to need traffic, and lots of it from Pinterest. This will allow you to implement and test monetization strategies in your content and figure out what type of readers visit your blog (AKA your true audience). A lot of this is pure “trial and error” and figuring out what works and what doesn’t work. But again, when you’re new to blogging, you won’t know until you get a good amount of traffic… We’re talking about AT LEAST 30,000+ monthly pageviews to help you get the ball rolling!

And this is where I can help you.

I’ve just put the finishing touches on The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic which contains the same steps I’ve used to get from 0 to over 100,000 monthly pageviews for EACH of my two different blogs. These exact Pinterest marketing and traffic strategies helped me get accepted into Mediavine, allowing me to earn a passive income on display ads month after month.

Aside from earning display ads with Mediavine on my two blogs, I am also earning over $10,000 per month with affiliate marketing alone all because of my traffic from Pinterest and understanding who my audience is!

Just like you, I had NO experience with blogging, marketing, sales, social medias, or running a business online! It all started with learning how to use Pinterest for traffic the right way!

Whether you’re a total beginner or someone who has been using Pinterest for a while and not seeing the results you want, The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic is the complete A-to-Z guide that gives you everything you need to know about getting INTENTIONAL traffic on Pinterest, so you can finally start making money with your blog!

"Ling is the OG for everything Pinterest and her course, The Golden Compass to Pinterest Traffic, will help you drive tons of legit and highly converting visitors to your website.

I used Ling's Pinterest design templates a few years ago and they were a lifesaver, cutting the time I spent on creating Pinterest graphics to only a few minutes each week. Her new course encompasses a lot more and is a must have if you are serious about using Pinterest to make money like a pro!"
Enoch Omololu
Founder, Business Owner, and CEO @ Savvy New Canadians

What will you learn in The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic?

"Ling, I was experiencing the Dunning-Kruger effect! I assumed I was fully knowledgeable and skilled enough to use Pinterest. However, upon digesting the first few chapters of the ebook, I found myself in the valley of despair.

This feeling of regret was caused by a false belief about how much I know about Pinterest. When in fact, what I don't know was just as vast as what I did! I am now on a mission to reach the slope of enlightenment.

Ultimately, I had faith to advancing up the plateau of sustainability and gain long-lasting traffic, the treasure I wish to discover by following The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic. As a final note, Ling, thanks for this brilliant e-book! There's no doubt that it's among my best purchases of the year."
Owner and Blogger @ The Genius Cat

With over 380 pages of valuable information and easy-to-follow tutorials, here’s what you’ll learn in this SUPER JAM-PACKED comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to get explosive traffic from the ground up:

  • A 5-Week Planner (each week with Day 1 to Day 5) that tells you exactly which Chapters to read and implement, so you can easily fit it into your busy schedule. Say goodbye to “I don’t have time!”
  • An introduction to the basic prerequisites, along with BIG costly mistakes to avoid that many Pinterest experts don’t tell you about, before you even move onto exploding your traffic.
  • A comprehensive and easy step-by-step guide on how to build a strong foundation on Pinterest, which includes creating your Pinterest business account from scratch, optimizing your profile, boards, and Pins for YOUR target audience, so you don’t have to waste time figuring it yourself.
  • The Perfect Pin Design guide along with tips on how to write JUICY headlines to get you more pageviews
  • Easy-to-complete worksheets and checklists at the end of every chapter, so you can take action and achieve your traffic goals quicker than the average blogger.
  • The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic Checklist: Factors that affect your Pinterest traffic and what to do about it.
  • Get more intentional, not just any random traffic, by understanding how to use Pinterest Analytics, Audience Insights, and Trends that is specific to YOUR audience and Pinterest account.
  • Learn how to quickly look for popular and trending blog post ideas so you can write and boost your traffic. This includes my comprehensive and step-by-step guide on how to use Pinterest Trends. I give you my very detailed example with the proper strategies laid out, which can be applied to any blog niche no matter what you blog about.
  • Cut your research time by hundreds of hours with my long list of popular and trending blog post ideas that go viral on Pinterest for different niches including:
    • Health, Fitness, and Dieting
    • Popular Food and Recipes
    • Vegan Food and Recipes
    • DIY Projects, Renovations, and Home Décor
    • Arts, Crafts, and Kids Activities
    • Sewing and Quilting
    • Travel, Places To Visit and Eat
    • Home Organization
    • Parenting and Mommy Blogs
    • Personal Finance and Budgeting
    • Making Money and Work From Home Jobs
    • Personal and Self Development
    • Beauty
    • Makeup
    • Skincare
    • Fashion and Lifestyle
    • Mental Health and Wellness
    • Self-Care
    • Lifestyle For College Students
    • I will continue to update and add viral and highly-searched blog post ideas to this list…
  • “Why Am I Not Getting Pinterest Traffic?” and “Why Is My Pinterest Traffic Down?” question sheet in Chapter 10: This contains a highly valuable section with 21 questions to ask yourself. This ONE section alone will guide and tell you exactly what to do, and which chapter to refer back to, when you’re not getting Pinterest traffic (or when your Pinterest traffic is down) even when you think you’ve implemented every single strategy taught by Pinterest experts. Asking yourself these 20 simple questions will actually give you the answers you never thought of!
  • A chapter on how to use Tailwind. Although it is NOT required to get over 100,000 pageviews, it is a nice-to-have tool that could save you so much time.
  • A highly valuable chapter about the importance of diversifying your traffic with Google SEO. 
  • Learn how I combine Pinterest and Google SEO keyword research so you can diversify and boost your traffic. This will reduce your risks of being too reliant on just one traffic source.
  • Time-saving blog post outline/sample on how to organize your article and sprinkle in your targeted Google and Pinterest keywords by using my tried-and-true strategies that will help you get ranked and found on search engines.
  • Steal my winning strategies and avoid costly mistakes by learning from my 2000-word case study about an article from Finsavvy Panda website that I give out in Chapter 13!
  • Find out what was ONE of my top 10 blog post articles that was getting consistent pageviews for over one year and why I unpublished it even though it was generating me a passive income – yes, it was making money but I removed it! This is where you can learn from my BIGGEST mistakes that I really regret. Oh, had I wished someone would tell me this earlier! 

This list can literally go on forever, but here’s exactly what the Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic has to offer:

You can take a peak at what every chapter covers by clicking in and expanding each section.

  • The 4 Essential Things You MUST Do Right Now Before Getting Pinterest Traffic
  • The Danger of Thin Content and What Happens When You Don’t Follow This Advice
  • Many New (and Even Intermediate) Bloggers Neglect This and Have NO Idea About It Before Building Traffic!


  • What Is Pinterest
  • Why Is Pinterest A Great Traffic Source
  • 10 Reasons Why People Don’t Get Pinterest Traffic (#5 and #6 is 80% of the recipe to success that most people don’t do without realizing it)
  • The Golden Compass Checklist: Everything You Need on Pinterest to Get Traffic
  • How To Sign Up For A Pinterest Business Account (signing up for a business account is absolutely free)!
  • How To Claim Your Website On Pinterest
  • Pinterest Basics Explained
  • Types of Pins and Boards on Pinterest
  • Setting Up Rich Pins on Pinterest
  • Pinterest Keyword Research
  • How To Create and Optimize Your Pinterest Profile
  • How To Properly Create Optimized Personal Boards with Targeted Keywords
  • Are Group Boards Still Useful? [Spoiler: the answer is different depending on whether you’re a brand-new blogger with no network compared to someone who’s more experienced]
  • 150+ Board Name Examples for Different Topics and Niches
  • Assigning Categories To Your Boards
  • Saving Pins To Your Boards
  • How To Optimize Your Pins For Pageviews
  • 5 Go-To Pin Description Templates (plus examples on how to use them for any topic and niche)
  • Type of Pin Image and Style You Should Use
  • How To Make Your Pin On Canva (you can use the FREE or paid version)
  • How To Easily Create Pin Templates on Canva
  • How To Come Up Wtih Juicy Pin Titles To Drive More Pageviews

I will be adding more questions and updating this list when students of The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic ask me to post them in this chapter. So far, I cover the following in detail:

  • How Do I Schedule My Pins Using The Pinterest Scheduler?
  • How Long Does It Really Take To Get Traffic From Pinterest?
  • How Many Published Blog Posts Do I Need To Get Traffic?
  • How Many Pins Should You Pin In A Day?
  • How Many Pins Should A Beginner Pin In A Day?
  • Can I Pin The Same Blog Post But Different Pin Images? Will I Get In Trouble If I Do This?
  • How Many Blog Posts Should I Have Before I Start Pinning On Pinterest
  • How Many Pins Do I Really Need To Make For A Single Blog Post?
  • How Frequentlly Can I Pin (Or Promote) The Same Blog Post On Pinterest?
  • How Can I Promote My Blog Posts Over and Over Again To Avoid Spammy Behavior?
  • How Frequently Can I Pin Into The Same Board?
  • Will I Get More Traffic From Pinterest If I Use Tailwind Instead Of Manually Pinning?
  • What Are Pinterest Analytics
  • How Do I See My Own Pinterest Analytics?
  • How Do I See Engagements and Interpret Them On My Pinterest Account?
  • How To Use Your Top Pinterest Boards To Get More Traffic
  • How To Use Your Top Pins To Increase Your Pageviews
  • How To Analyze Your Pins: 7 Questions To Ask Yourself To Get More Traffic on Pinterest
  • Who Is My Audience On Pinterest?
  • How To Target Your Specific Audience On Pinterest
  • Understanding Your Audience’s Demographics and Interest
  • What Are The Most Popular Topics and Niches on Pinterest?

This is a great list for consistent and long-lasting traffic that is truly passive for many different niches – I will also consistently update and to this list, TAILORED TO YOU and your niche, based upon The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic students’ request when you e-mail me at [email protected].

  • Mistakes To Avoid Before You Publish Your Blog Post
  • Two Important Things You Need To Do Before You Publish Your Blog Posts (or you’ll regret this months and years later, which is costly or near impossible to fix)
  • How To Look For Evergreen, Popular, And Trending Topics To Write About
  • 100+ Blog Posts That Go Viral on Pinterest
  • What Are Pinterest Trends?
  • How To Search For Trends and Popular Topics In Your Niche
  • A Detailed and Easy Step-By-Step Tutorial On How To Use Pinterest Trends With An Example
  • Comparing Keywords and Trends For Making Better Decisions On What To Write About For Your Niche
  • Writing Highly Searched Keywords For Trends And Seasonal Topics
  • Planning For Timeless and Evergreen Posts
  • Two Things To Do That Can Boost Your Traffic Passively in The Long Run
  • Section 10.1.2: This ONE simple action requires a little bit of effort, but can help drive tons of consistent traffic in the long run!
  • What To Do When You’re Not Getting Pinterest Traffic (Or When You Traffic Is Down) Even When You Think You’ve Done Everything You Could
  • The Go-To “Million Dollar Question” Sheet: 21 Questions To Ask Yourself When You’re Not Getting Pinterest Traffic – this simple sheet will help you answer whether or not you’ve really implemented every single advice along with reference to a specific chapter you need to revisit again. It’s a real game-changer to your Pinterest marketing strategies!
  • What Is Tailwind For Beginners
  • Do You Really Need Tailwind? [Spoiler: NO, you don’t. It’s not required here. But it can help save time when you use this tool the right way]
  • Get a FREE Tailwind Account (including a free credit and welcome bonus for Finsavvy Panda readers)
  • How To Create A Tailwind Account and Connect It To Pinterest?
  • How To Use Tailwind and Schedule Your Pins
  • The Importance of Diversifying Your Pinterest Traffic
  • Personal Story and Experience: The Raw and Ugly Truth Of What Happened When I Lost All My Pinterest Traffic Overnight For 6 Months (And What I Did To Recover My Earnings After Quitting My Full-Time Job)
  • Personal Story and Experience: What Saved Me From A Severe Drop in Traffic And Earnings
  • Combining Pinterest and Google Keyword Research
  • Example of How I Use Google Keyword Research To Find Blog Post Ideas On Pinterest
  • Hitting Two, Three, and Many Birds With One Stone With Team “Pinterest-and-Google” Keyword Research
  • Blog Post Outline Sample/Template to Include Your Keyword Research
  • 3 Fast And Simple Things To Do RIGHT NOW To Improve Your Blog Post Ranking For Google Traffic
  • Blog Post With Consistent Traffic Case Study: Wins To Copy and Costly Mistakes to Avoid
  • Find out what was ONE of my top 10 blog posts along with the mistakes I made with this article
  • Find out why I was crazy enough to unpublish this one blog post despite it being one of my top 10 earning me an income
  • Learn exactly what I would do differently today with this one particular blog post had I known what I know today
  • Copy my wins and avoid my costly mistakes that nobody tells you about
  • Join The Finsavvy Panda Affiliate Program and earn a generous commission of 40% for every copy sold.

Why Trust Me?

I’ve build two blogs — one about personal finance and the other about general lifestyle — that brings over 100,000 monthly pageviews! 

With this amount of CONSISTENT traffic, I was able to get into Mediavine for both blogs and apply different monetization strategies to help me build a six-figure income online! 

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what others have to say about my work:

"Ling's examples and ideas are AMAZING for bloggers on Pinterest. If you are a blogger and want to drive bucket loads of traffic, Ling's excellent advice and straightforward strategy is spot on. She does not only teach fundamental steps but the fact I love this guide so much is that she has shared tons of examples and ideas for popular niches on Pinterest.

I can easily say that this is not an ordinary Pinterest e-book. I have read a couple of e-books on Pinterest marketing but this is the most comprehensive and complete guide for taking your Pinterest game to the next level.

Her insights on the most burning questions related to Pinterest is the best stuff you will ever read. I also loved the chapters where she reveals content ideas and tricks for the Pinterest platform.

If you follow every strategy and advice discussed in this e-book, you are going to see results. It's all you have to do! Oh, and I love how gorgeous this e-book looks!"
arfa she means blogging
Arfa Nazeer
Founder and Blogger @ She Means Blogging
"If you want to increase traffic to your website from Pinterest, The Golden Compass to Pinterest Traffic is a fantastic resource that you should invest in right away.

I appreciate how detailed and generous Ling is with the information presented in this e-book, which covers everything from getting started with Pinterest to Pinterest SEO to designing the perfect Pin designs using her awesome templates.
Personally, I use and love her Pinterest design templates, which have significantly increased clicks to my website.

I was honored to be a part of her pro blogger interview series bonus in this valuable resource, which will undoubtedly help many other bloggers! All the extra bonuses you get in this bundle are simply amazing, and this is the resource I wish I had when I first started blogging. I can't recommend this awesome e-book enough!"
amira a self guru
Amira Irfan
Lawyer and Business Owner @ A Self Guru
"Ling, I love that your directions are so easy to follow. Your writing style is not only helpful, but it has been so motivating, even with your e-books! I really like the fact that there are so many options to choose from with your Pin templates. I especially like “What Makes a Perfect Pin Design” section.

What I found really helpful is you answered the questions that benefits a beginner like myself when it comes to making templates or using Pinterest in general. This has been easy to use, and it gives me a huge push because I didn't even know where to start when it came to Pinterest. It has been so overwhelming, but this really does make it easier to build on especially when I start to create more blog content and become more creative using your templates.

I started to use your bonus templates and I admire your choice in font and the all-black background! I can't wait to try these out and just have fun with them. Investing in your e-books made my journey easier and is just so inspiring to me."
Amanda Castro
Beauty Blogger @ ACS Specialties
"Let me tell you something here, Ling...

You are the best!! I read The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic twice, and this is the MOST COMPLETE Pinterest traffic guide I have ever read!! Finally, I understand Pinterest!

Seriously, I have been waiting for your book since the first day you talked about launching it, and this is way over my expectations! Thank you so much!

I will finally tell you a secret... I started my blog because of you! You have a unique way to explain things. I also bought your Treasure Map To Blogging Success in 30 Days e-book too. Your guides are quite an adventure! I'm working full time and don't have much time for my blog, but I really enjoy each minute!

I want to say so many, many thanks to you, my friend! Yes, I call you my friend because you helped me so much that you are a dear friend to me! The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic is so good that everyone in the world needs to know about it!"
Linda G.
Party Event and Food Blogger @ So Perfectly Simple
"Ling is the Pinterest queen in my eyes. I am in the personal finance niche so I would always see her pins pop up. I thought she must be doing something right so I read her blog and when I came across "The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic," purchasing it was a no-brainer.

I had bought another Pinterest course before but felt like I was missing something. However, her eBook taught me all the information I was missing plus much more! After making changes, my Pinterest traffic started to grow. I went from being stuck at around 2.5k impressions and getting less than 100 outbound clicks to over 50k impressions and over 1,000 outbound clicks (pageviews) this month!

It is really comprehensive and easy to read I can tell she put a lot of effort into creating it. She teaches you the fundamental steps to start getting traffic including how to design click-worthy pins and also gives you insights to take your Pinterest to another level.

The pin templates she includes are amazing, I loved them so much that I also purchased her PinSavvy Pinterest templates. They have saved me so much time and increased the clicks to my blog.

After consistently implementing the strategies from the eBook, my Pinterest traffic has grown drastically and I can't thank Ling enough for sharing her secrets.

If you want to get traffic from Pinterest I highly recommend "The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic" It is an amazing resource. Whether you are a beginner or have some experience using Pinterest you will learn valuable insights to grow on Pinterest.

I am so happy to finally see growth and your products were a massive help so I wanted to show my appreciation!"
davinasfinancecorner - finsavvypanda testimonial
Davina C.
Blog Owner @ Davina's Finance Corner


Yes, that’s right, my friend! I know you love bonuses as much as I do, so here are your goodies!

Unlock 3 exclusive bonuses in The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic:

  • How To Make Money on Pinterest with Your Blog: The Exact Monetization Methods I Used to Earn Over $200,000 Last Year!
  • 5 Golden Pinterest Templates + 5 Golden Pinterest Descriptions to help you design beautiful Pins and fill in target keyworded phrases that will get clicks and traffic to your blog.
  • An Exclusive Interview with Five High-Income Bloggers: Get Insider Tips From Full-Time Bloggers Earning Up To $1 Million Dollars A Year!


how to make money on pinterest finsavvy panda ebook

You will get my 50-page “How To Make Money on Pinterest For Bloggers” e-book – which gives you the monetization strategies I used to earn over $200,000 in a year with my small and personal blogs – a [$50] value

finsavvy panda make money on pinterest ebook


You also get 5 beautifully already-done-for-you Pinterest Templates and 5 Pinterest Description Templates – with time-saving and amazing click-worthy images along with simple fill in the blank Pin descriptions that work for any blog niche – a [$20] value

"Ling, I am so truly grateful that you took the time to make these Pin Templates, they are amazing! They are so colorful, vibrant, and super easy to use. It is a pleasure to work with these templates as they are so easy to change to suit my content and it takes me just minutes to finish them, whereas before it took me hours.

As a mom working and running a household with many other responsibilities this has really helped me a ton and saved me so much time and effort. Thank you so much, Ling, for your awesome creativity and enjoying every moment of it!"
Chalice F.
Self-Development Blogger @ Our Ray of Hope


Last but not least, you’ll also receive one of my all-time favorite bonuses – an insider Interview series with 5 high-income bloggers earning up to $1,000,000 per year. You won’t find this exclusive 30-page PDF anywhere elsewhere! In my Interview with these five bloggers, I asked them to reveal their secrets and insider tips regarding their best traffic and monetization strategies for bloggers who want to quit their jobs and earn a full-time income online – a [$60] value


All in all, that’s $630 worth of actionable insights from a six-figure blogger who has been using Pinterest for 5 years and counting!

  • The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic In-depth and Comprehensive E-book Guide: $500 Value
  • 5 Golden Pinterest Templates + 5 Pinterest Description Templates: $20 Value
  • How To Make Money on Pinterest For Bloggers E-book: $50 Value
  • Exclusive Interview with Five High-Income Bloggers E-book: $60 value

>> Today it’s all yours for just $129! <<

We all know that NO traffic = NO money! 

Grab “The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic” so you can copy the exact strategies that got me from 0 to over 100,000 monthly pageviews! 

I want to see you skyrocket your traffic, so you can start making money with your blog!

finsavvy panda make money on pinterest ebook

VALUE: $630.00

BUY FOR ONLY $129.00

Frequently Asked Questions

The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic is for beginners and intermediate bloggers who want to learn how to get consistent and long-lasting traffic from Pinterest. This is an in-depth and comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from building a basic and solid foundation all the way to applying more advanced Pinterest strategies. This is not for those who are looking for quick and instant traffic overnight. It is intended for those who are ready to put in the work and effort to see long-term results.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of this product, we do not offer any refunds. We believe in providing value to our customers, and that is why we priced The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic a lot lower than what the information is actually worth.

We created a 5-Week Planner inside The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic, which you can follow the Chapters and sections in order. Depending on your schedule, it may take you shorter or longer to complete. It is completely self-paced and you can learn at your own comfortable pace. A checklist summary along with worksheets are included at the end of every chapter to ensure you are making progress and taking action.

Yes, The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic will be updated. Should there are any changes, or if we are doing anything differently, we will update this product. An e-mail with an update will be sent out to all buyers of the product at NO additional costs. In other words, you’ll get free updates for as long as this product exists.

No, the Tailwind Scheduler is not required to see traffic results. But this app can be helpful especially when you use their feature, Tailwind Communities. It’s not about which scheduler you use (i.e. Pinterest or Tailwind). That has nothing to do with seeing success on Pinterest. Instead, it’s about the strategies you apply onto your blog and Pinterest account. Tailwind is just a tool that can help you schedule and automate your pinning more than two weeks in advance.

The Golden Compass To Pinterest Traffic
The exact strategies I used to get into Mediavine: From 0 to over 100,000 monthly pageviews!

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