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Did you start your blog but have no clue what to do next?

You read all the great and inspirational stories about how bloggers are earning over thousands of dollars per month online with their six-figure blogs which allowed them to quit their jobs, work from home, and live their dream lives. 

That’s a dream you want to achieve too, but now you’re thinking, “What do I do? Where do I go from here? Where do I start? What’s next?” 

You are SO excited about creating your first blog and you can’t wait to earn your first income online. But something is holding you back…


You don’t know where to start and you’re having trouble with:

  • Navigating and using WordPress properly
  • Setting up a beautiful and functional theme
  • Setting up your pages (About me, contact me, privacy policy, etc.)
  • Figuring out what blog posts to write about that generates an income
  • Where to find beautiful images for your blog
  • Understanding HOW bloggers really make money blogging
Not only are you having trouble with building and creating your blog, but you also don’t have the RIGHT tools or PROPER guidance that will help you build a profitable blog from scratch.
"Ling's ebook has been wonderful and it’s a blessing. Her material guides you on how to set up a blog professionally. I would have been lost if it wasn't for her guidance. I recommend buying this excellent ebook. It’s worth buying if you're a new blogger like myself. You will not regret it!"

This step-by-step ebook will easily teach you how to build your blog saving you a lot of time and money! NO tech or coding skills required!

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Yes, there is a proper and right way to doing all of this!

Many new AND experienced bloggers make A LOT of these costly mistakes especially when it comes to implementing the right strategies that are vital to growing their blogs!

I was one of them but once I fixed it, my blog income began to grow steadily over the months earning me well over $10,000 every month consistently.

At first, it was very frustrating! I personally made a lot of mistakes as a brand-new blogger. No one helped me or warned me about them until I had to piece them one by one from different paid resources.

I had to learn it the hard way and I don’t want you to go through what I did. I want to help you avoid mistakes that are irreversible, so you can focus on monetizing your blog without having to deal with those problems.

The first step to building a successful blog is creating a solid foundation with the right plan. You can get this plan in my secret treasure map!

"This is an honest, detailed, and well-written ebook by Ling that every new blogger needs to successfully set up and launch their blog. Honestly, it is the ebook I used and the only ebook you would ever need too!

She has been so honest, sincere, and generous with her help, and I really trust her. Honestly, my blog is up and running because of Ling. I had no clue on how to set it up or go about it.

I can't thank her enough. Ling is the best. I highly recommend!"

What will you learn in this ebook?

With over 180+ pages of valuable information and easy-to-follow tutorials, here’s what you’ll learn in this comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to build a profitable blog from the ground up:

  • 4-Week Agenda Plan On How To Build Your Blog
  • What is WordPress?
  • Securing Your Website (this is quick and easy)
  • How To Setup Your Blog Theme on WordPress (NO tech skills required)
  • How To Quickly Create A Beautiful Logo For Your Blog (NO design skills required)
  • Must-Have WordPress Plugins
  • Must-Have Tools To Help Your Blog Grow
  • How To Setup Your Blog Menu
  • How To Write Your About Me, Contact Me, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer Pages
  • Creating a Professional E-mail For Your Blog (For free) + extra tips
  • The ONE Important Thing You Must Do Before Publishing Your First Blog Post + SEO Tips for Beginners
  • How To Draft and Write Your First Blog Post on WordPress + SEO Tips for Beginners
  • Determining Your Niche and Avatar (AKA Your Target Audience)
  • Why You Don’t Have To Be An Expert At What You Blog About
  • Where To Find Beautiful Images For Your Blog + additional tutorials
  • How To Insert Images On Your Blog Post + SEO Tips for Beginners
  • How To Create and Insert Links To Other Articles + SEO Tips for Beginners
  • How To Add A Category To Your Blog Post
  • How To Add Widgets on WordPress + extra tips
  • Should You Start E-mail Marketing As A Beginner? My first year mistake and very honest feedback!
  • Profitable Roadmap For Beginners To Start Making Money With a Blog
  • How To Get Started With Making Money Using Display Advertising
  • How To Choose A Profitable Niche You’ll Enjoy Blogging About
  • List of Profitable Niches + Tips On How To Create Your Content

Here's what other new bloggers say about this ebook:

"When I stumbled upon Ling's blog I had no idea the amount of information I would learn. Ling gives you the information she learned over a few years by telling you her honest journey and what worked best for her. The best part for me is this e-book, The Treasure Map To Blogging Success in 30 Days, which gave me step by step information on how to set up and launch my blog, write my posts, create my blog pages, and get my blog up and running within that 30-day time frame. I was amazed at all the detailed information for each step but most importantly how to avoid mistakes that new bloggers commonly make when they first start their blog.

I am not at all tech savvy. I have never started a blog before. I wasn't even on social media much besides Pinterest before starting this journey but this ebook is so easy to follow! As long as you know how to operate a computer you can start your own blog.

I can't thank you enough, Ling, for changing a person like me from a dreamer to an achiever. For years I wanted to start my own blog, but I had no real idea of how to do it. You came into my life to help me move further into my purpose as a writer. God bless you!

I encourage everyone with an aspiration to begin a blog to read this ebook and follow it to a Tee. It is packed full of good information and you will not regret it at all!"
"Ling's ebook was a great starting point in setting up my blog. I appreciated all of the step by step process from an experienced blogger. It saved me so much time in research. I would recommend it to anyone interested in starting their own blog!"
"Ling, Finsavvy Panda, this ebook (The Treasure Map To Blogging Success) is mind blowing! It helped me a lot in setting up my blog and it has so much valuable content on what I was looking for!

You don't know how grateful I am for your e-book and the guidance that you have provided me while I was struggling with how to create a blog of my own.

It helped me a lot while setting up my website basics, specially the “4-Week agenda to launch your blog” section. That’s one of the most reference document that I have with me right now and I keep reading it to design my blog and theme step by step as mentioned.

With your guidance, referral, and suggestions, I was able to save a lot of time and money! I would really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing me a way to start somewhere.

I really recommend new bloggers to invest in this ebook because it’s so helpful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"
"I’ve always wanted to start a blog, but didn’t know how to start one until I accidentally stumbled upon Ling’s blog.

Ling was the inspiration of my website from the beginning. I got more readers and followers from the introduction of Ling’s tips. Ling is a sincere person who understands beginners. Her e-book is the first and only e-book that I learned. She answered all my questions when I had a problem.

She recommends everything to newbies like me step by step, and the tips she gives out in her single e-book about creating and building a blog is really worth it!"
"I finally made it all the way through Ling’s ebook! I had started it weeks ago and did the first few baby steps but didn't want to keep reading until I was ready to continue the other steps.

Wow, it is SO helpful! Ling’s ebook was more thorough than I imagined it would be, and I LOVE how she walked through all the steps of setting up the blog.

I consider myself pretty tech savvy but trying to think about all those plugins on WordPress had my head spinning, so I am very grateful that the ebook laid it all out! I want to thank Ling for sharing her wisdom and for being available for motivation!"
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The Treasure Map To Blogging Success In 30 Days

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