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Create the PERFECT PINS with this time-saving Pin Savvy Templates Bundle, so you can get clicks and skyrocket your blog traffic [UPDATED FOR 2024]!

Get instant access to a total of 75 pin templates already done for you.

  • 30 beautiful premium click-worthy templates
  • 10 BONUS Pin Savvy signature templates
  • 35 lightning-fast catchy headline templates

This Pin Savvy package also comes with a how-to-use ebook bonus. Start saving MASSIVE time from making pins with this Pin Savvy bundle!

VALUE: $115.00

PRICE: $60.00


Do you want to QUICKLY and PAINLESSLY make GORGEOUS pins that STAND OUT in just seconds?

Yes, you read that right – have your pins done in just SECONDS! NOT hours, and NOT even minutes!

Because of my go-to and ready-to-use Pinterest templates, I am able to make a stunning pin in literally less than 10 seconds. 

That’s 5 to 6 pins within 60 seconds (AKA ONE minute) once you have these pin templates tweaked to your liking.

Just imagine how much TIME, PAIN and HASSLE you save!!!

With my Pinterest templates, you can easily drag and drop, adjust your image, and BAM… have your customized pin done in seconds!

These Pin Savvy Templates made in Canva will easily allow you to customize and design your pin to your own personal style and branding. They work for ANY blog niche! NO design experience required!

Nope, you DON’T need design skills to have these beautiful click-worthy pins ready! 

In fact, I have my Virtual Assistant (where designing is NOT his expertise… FAR from it), help me make my pins using my EXCLUSIVE ready-to-use templates, but they still turn out beautifully for Pinners to click through and visit my blogs. You seriously couldn’t even tell they were made by my VA who has ZERO experience with pin design!

And in case you’re wondering, yes, these templates will work regardless of which Canva account you have – free or Pro.

These are the pin templates I spent YEARS making and testing, and I use them for my blogs to CONSISTENTLY AND STEADILY drive OVER 100,000 monthly pageviews via Pinterest to EACH website!

"I just purchased the Pin Savvy Templates not too long ago and I've already seen an increase in my saves! In fact, the first day I pinned the templates, I got 10 saves already! I love the easy editable style. I just pop a photo in and add my headline and boom, they're done! I've been looking for bold templates like these for a while and with these templates, I'll be generating more traffic to my travel blog in no time. Thanks, Ling, for this great help in making my blog successful!"
Shannon J.
Blogger @ lavivienda
"These Pinsavvy Templates are a life saver!! I had just started my Pinterest account and was stuck because I didn't know how to make eye-catching pins on Canva. And that's exactly why when I saw these amazing Pinterest templates, I didn't give it a second thought and bought them right away! I am sooo glad that I did! They are beautiful, easy to customize and sooo worth the price! You just need to change the branding, colors and you're good to go! I highly recommend these Pinsavvy templates for making your pins quickly. They’re absolutely wonderful and timesaving! Overall, the whole product bundle with ebook and extra templates is very much worth it! Keep up the amazing work, Ling!”
Blogger @ theeverydaycollegegirl

My monthly traffic results to blog 1:

Some monthly affiliate earnings from traffic on blog 1:

My monthly traffic results to blog 2:

Daily ad earnings from traffic on blog 2:


Imagine yourself earning over $1,000 in a single day from a blog!

When your Pinterest traffic increases, you can potentially earn over $1,000 in ONE single day as illustrated below on August 29 with earnings from affiliate marketing and display ads combined:

"When I purchased the Pin Savvy Templates, I wasn't really looking for my mind to be blown. However, I was totally impressed by not only the variety of templates, but Ling also gives us examples of how to use them! So in reality we are getting a lot more than we bought!! This purchase was totally worth it. It has saved me SO much time when creating my pins. I have already seen more engagement by using Ling's awesome pin templates! I would also highly recommend them because Ling has excellent customer service skills! Many thanks again, Ling!"
Blogger @
"I really enjoy the pin templates created by Ling :). It has all the possible variations of different pin designs to grab the attention of Pinterest users on the platform. The bonus ebook that comes with the templates also helped me learn how to use Canva in a more creative way. I really love how I can just access all her templates in one place and visualize each design component. You'll really enjoy the Pin Savvy Templates because you don't need to figure out how to make a great pin from scratch all by yourself! It's made for you and all you need to do is minor editing to create your own personalized pin. This saves a lot of time! I highly recommend anyone who wants to save the time and hassle to grab these templates. It will definitely make your life easier and you'll be faster at creating your own pins."
Blogger @ ebizstrategic
"Ling’s Pin Savvy Templates are extremely helpful and you won’t regret purchasing them! I just started and built my blog, which I recently went live with. I am using these handy ready-to-go templates to make outstanding pins for my home décor and renovations blog and what I like most is each individual design can be easily changeable! Her pin templates are just one more thing you need to build your blog, and not spend a lifetime learning creating and designing pins because the pin is already done for you! I want to say thank you for providing a variety of your eye catching pin templates, Ling!"
Blogger @ bricksnflips

It also comes with EXTRA BONUSES! 1) A 30-page e-book on how to get started with using the Pin Savvy Templates, 2) A 20-page Perfect Pin Guide + Checklist + Juicilicious Headline Template!

In this package, you’ll also receive an ebook on how to use The Pin Savvy Templates ($20 value) along with a guide + checklist + Juicilicious Pin Headline Template ($25 value) on how to create the Perfect Pin that will make you stand out from the crowd! 

E-mails from our first happy customers...

An email response from Jennifer, one of my first readers:

Another response from Chantelle when I first launched Pin Savvy Templates to my email list:

Lastly, I’m giving out this VERY EXCLUSIVE $35 FREE BONUS just for you – The “Lightning Fast” Pin Savvy Templates (works perfectly for ANY blog niche too)!!!

You’ll also receive a $35 FREE BONUS as a special gift!

The Pin Savvy Templates bundle includes 35+ (in reality, there’s secretly more) EXTRA Lightning FAST Pin Savvy Templates with images and headlines in different blog niches (e.g. beauty, finance, fitness, gift ideas, travel, self development, self care, etc.) already pre-written AND DONE for you! 

These are already-made-for-you pin designs, which is perfect for you when you have absolutely no time and need a pin out immediately!

That means, you’ll gain instant access to a TOTAL of 50+ beautiful Pinterest templates (30 Exclusive Pin Savvy Templates PLUS 35+ Lightning Fast Templates)! 


Hurry, because this offer may not NOT LAST for very long!

Buy back thousands of hours of your time with this ONE-TIME TINY investment. These templates are yours to keep and you can use them forever!

"I recently purchased and used the Pin Savvy Templates and couldn't be happier! They are super easy to use! I only changed a few things by replacing the images and wording and they still turned out awesome! The best thing about having these templates is it takes out the questioning of how to put a pin together. These are SO easy and it's a no-brainer to grab them. I'm really glad I did!! I've had so many days lost when I was trying to figure out how to put a pin together, so this is going to save me so much time, and I can already tell! Not only were they easy to use, but the instructions in the Pin Savvy Templates ebook were also clear and concise! Thank you!"
Alice H.
Blogger @ thisbeachylife
"I'm a new blogger and Pinterest is still new to me as well. The process has been enjoyable, yet a bit stressful at times. However, having these beautiful pin templates has relieved an ENORMOUS amount of stress! I don't have to learn how to make a successful Pin because it’s all done for me! All I have to do is swap the text and pictures, download, and pin! Truly, it couldn't be easier than this! It's even easy for a novice person like me. 

The other amazing part about the Pin Savvy Templates is that each template has several designs, so I can easily create and pin three beautiful pins within a matter of five minutes. WOW! That is amazing to me! Plus, these pins have been tested. I don't have to test them to see what is eye-catchy or click-worthy. All the work has been done for me. 

I've discovered when starting a blog, there's so much to learn and put into action. I'm SO thankful for these beautiful pin templates and the fact that I don't have to learn how to make a successful pin from scratch. I wholeheartedly recommend the Pin Savvy Templates. They will save you a lot of time and energy. And if you're at all like me, it will relieve a lot of stress. I'm hooked on these templates!"
Blogger @ tailwagwisdom
"I love using Ling’s Pin Savvy Templates because they are really easy and quick to make! Along with that, her How-To-Use Pin Savvy Templates ebook has been really helpful. I am just at the beginning of my blog journey and I am already a Pinterest and Canva lover! With these pin templates, I can make a lot of brilliant and eye-catching pins that stand out in literally minutes! 

I also want to add that not only do I love Ling’s Pin Savvy Templates, but her ebook, The Treasure Map To Blogging Success was also a brilliant and easy to follow resource for bloggers! 

I appreciate she always responded back to me. She works hard not only on her own success, but she also works hard on mine too. I am sure she does this with all her clients! It feels like she’s always there holding my hand and helps me when I need it. Thank you for your support."
Blogger @ susanfromgreenhome

Grab these CAREFULLY thought-out 70+ Pin Savvy Templates so you can start skyrocketing your traffic TODAY!

  • 30 Pin Savvy Templates + 10 Pin Savvy Signature Templates: $35 value
  • How To Use Pin Savvy Templates E-book: $20 value
  • The Perfect Pin Guide + Checklist + Juicilicious Pin Headline Template: $25 value
  • 35+ EXTRA Lightning Fast Pin Savvy Templates: $35 value

TOTAL VALUE: $115.00

PRICE: $60.00


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