Drop App Review – This is How I Get Free Gift Cards (Plus Bonus $5 Promo Code)

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Drop App Review

Many of you may be thinking and sighing to yourselves…

“What? Another cash back app?” 😫

Hold your horses (I mean… unicorns)!




Before you jump to conclusions, I want to let you know that the Drop app is kinda different, in a good way of course (hint: everything is on autopilot)! Else, I wouldn’t write about how I redeem free gift cards to Starbucks or Amazon by using Drop. 🙂

I personally use Drop, so as a REAL user, I’m going to cover all the questions you have about the app!

With that said, I hope this Drop review helps you make the decision to use Drop or not (and yes, it’s absolutely free to use).

Although I personally enjoy using the app, I have to admit that this app isn’t for everyone. So, read further to find out what Drop is and how it works.

Near the end of this post, I will also provide you with a promo code where you can instantly claim your FREE 5,000 Drop points ($5 bonus) just for trying it.


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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more information.



What is Drop?

Drop is an easy-to-use app that allows you to passively (YES, passively) earn Drop points just for shopping at your favorite and most visited retailers and restaurants.

Now, you’re probably wondering what the heck do I mean by that?

So, what happens is once you sign up for Drop here, the app will ask you which top 5 places you want to earn your points from.

This is a great feature because that means you’ll automatically earn points (completely hands-off) just by shopping at your most visited top 5 places — and there’s a lot of popular stores to choose from (okay, maybe that’s true for the folks who live in the U.S.)! 😅

U.S. store selections:

If you live in the U.S., the list of retailers you can choose from includes Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, Chipotle, Macy’s, Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Walgreens, Uber, and a lot more!

Canada store selections:

And if you live in Canada, there’s a (smaller) selection for you to choose from, which includes Walmart, Starbucks, Shoppers Drug Mart (Yay, I love collecting Optium points), Chipotle, McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Aritzia, LCBO and a bit more!

I live in Canada, so personally, for me, I chose Shoppers, Starbucks, Walmart (perfect for my everyday groceries and home goods), McDonald’s and Chipotle.


💡PRO TIP: Choose your top 5 wisely because you won’t be able to change this! However, the Drop team has said they are working on this feature to provide users with a more personalized experience in the future, so stay tuned!


Is the Drop app free?

Yes, Drop is 100% free to use!

In fact, when you first sign up for Drop here and use promo code FINSAVVY, you can instantly redeem your FREE $5 bonus. No purchase necessary! ☺️

📌 Also, be sure to pin this post so that you can refer back to it for your promo code!


How do you use the Drop app?

So, how does Drop work?

Okay, you may be thinking…

“Wow, this is great! I can earn rewards and free gift cards without having to lift a single finger?” ‘Cos you know, there are many free money-saving apps such as Checkout 51 and Ibotta where you’re required to actually snap a picture of your receipts and physically upload them through the app.

Nope, not for Drop!

Drop is WAY easier and requires absolutely ZERO effort!

Another neat thing about Drop according to this article is:

Drop uses an algorithm to target users with offers and reward they’ll like based on their spending habits, rather than serving them standardized offers.


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Now, here’s the catch though that may make some people hesitant to use the app.

To earn Drop points (or free gift cards), you will need to connect your debit card or credit card to the app — this is the only way Drop can track the purchases you make and allow you to earn points passively. If you are concerned about safety, continue reading the next section…


Is Drop a safe app?

The Drop app is safe to use!

Drop uses industry-leading security to ensure that your data is always safe. Your bank card login credentials are NEVER stored on Drop’s servers.

So, Drop links to your cards by securely connecting to your online banking accounts with the same technology other leading fintech companies (such as Mint, Acorns, and Robinhood) use. In other words, they use bank-level security to make sure your information is protected.

You may also be asking whether Drop can see your account balances. The answer is no, they don’t have any access to that information or any of your personal information linked to your account!

They ONLY see your transaction data.

With all that said, rest assured that Drop is secured and safe to use.


If those were your only concerns and you want to give Drop a try, you can sign up here for FREE! 😊

⭐️ Plus, don’t forget to use special promo code, FINSAVVY, to instantly claim your FREE $5 (equivalent to 5,000 Drop points). No purchase necessary!


How many cards can I link to Drop?

It could be as little as 1 or as many as 10.

You can link as many debit and/or credit cards as you like. I recommend you link the cards that you use most often at your top 5 favorite places — that way, you’ll rack up points even faster.

For example, if you always use your favorite credit card to collect travel rewards, you can link that card to Drop. By doing that, not only are you collecting free travel rewards, but you’re also collecting Drop points ON TOP of that!


Get more! combine Drop points with other cash back, rewards, and coupons!

In other words, anything you passively earn with Drop is extra and that’s what I love! 😍

This is a nice way to double-dip your rewards when you use your credit card rewards, other cashback apps such as Ebates, SwagbucksCheckout 51 and Ibotta, coupons, and so on.


👉 If you haven’t heard of these other free cash back apps, I really encourage you to check them out if you want to get FREE money!

They are absolutely FREE to use and only requires your e-mail to sign up (no other personal information)!


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Drop Supercharge Bonus (Collect Bonus Points):

Another cool way to collect more Drop points is through the Supercharge bonus game.

For every 5 transactions you make from any of your top 5 store selections, you will be given a free game.

Here’s how the game works.

You get to play a fun snake game where you can earn more Drop points.

At the beginning, you will be given 3 lives.

All you have to do is feed the snake as many Drop points as possible. I must say that as you collect more and more points, the game gets harder.


Here is a screenshot of how I collected 105 Drop points from my last Snake game, LOL!

I suck at playing games, but let’s see if I can improve to score more Drop points, haha! 😛

drop app review - snake game


Drop app pros and cons:

I’ll be straight up and tell you that Drop won’t make you rich, but it is a fun and easy way to earn Starbucks or Amazon gift cards for free with absolutely no effort. Who can say no to FREE stuff?

Like every product, Drop has its pros and cons, so let’s cover them here.


– 100% FREE to sign up for and use.

– Covers a fair list of large and popular retailers that you can to choose from (a lot of them are Millennials’ favorites)!

– You earn points on autopilot without doing anything.

– It is safe to use (Drop is securely encrypted, but if you have further questions/concerns, please read here or contact their team).

– You can stack up your Drop points with other cash back apps like Ebates and your favorite credit card rewards (again, I love getting the most out of my rewards).

– Offers a fun snake game so you can earn a little extra Drop points.

– Offers a bonus referral program: Earn 5,000 Drop points (which is equivalent $5) for up to 10 friends you refer. Your friends will each get $5 too! Use my code FINSAVVY to get the $5 bonus credited to your account!


– You need to choose your top 5 retailers wisely because you can’t change them later.

– Required to link at least one card.

– Drop says it takes up to 7 days to see your points. That’s a little long.

– The rewards are relatively low (on average it’s less than 1% in Canada, but seems to be slightly better for the U.S.). Again, these are points that are ON TOP of what you’re already earning from other rewards programs, so it’s not bad. I can’t complain especially when it’s completely passive, hah!

– I’ve heard that their support team takes a little longer to respond to customers, but apparently, this has improved over the last few years since its inception. I am looking forward to see them grow!

– Not the road to get rich quick that many people look for — haha, I’m just sayin’! 😛


Drop app promo code (FREE $5 bonus)

We finally reached the end!

I really hope you found this Drop app review helpful.

You can now make the decision of whether you want to give it a try. I will say that my favorite feature about Drop is earning points passively without having to do anything!

For a limited time, use my special referral code, FINSAVVY, to get your FREE $5 bonus (equivalent to 5,000 Drop points) immediately after linking your first card! No purchase necessary! 😊

You can only input my referral code after you link your first card with Drop.

My referral code is applicable to both the U.S. and Canada!


Readers — Do you use Drop? Are you ready to try the Drop app for FREE?

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  1. Thank you for your review and feedback on Drop. I was hesitant to use this app at first because I’ve had horrible experiences with so many apps and cash back sites that promise to give you cash and rewards but they are just a scam. I will try using Drop. The gift card shop looks appealing and I shop at most of those places.

    1. Hi Molly,

      I hear ya! There are a ton of scams out there today especially in the online space so you’ll have to be careful when it comes to trying new apps.

      I’ve been using Drop for a while now and I haven’t seen any issue with it other than the fact I can’t change my store selections. That doesn’t bother me as much since those are gift cards to stores I go to most often.

      I hope you enjoy using the Drop app!

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