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make money online with google at home

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If you want to make money online with Google, then you’re going to want to stick around until the end of this post.

There are both free and paid ways to make money online without having a real job.

Today, we’re going to cover everything you’ll want to know about making money online using Google without paying anything.

I know you are wondering how to make money online from Google without investment.

But I’m still going to cover a few ways to earn money online that require a very small investment. Trust me, it doesn’t have to cost a ton of money to get started as a beginner.

If you ask me honestly, the second option has greater potential when it comes to making money online.

The “free” ways to earn money online are good for extra money, but if you want more options and flexibility, you need to keep an open mind.

I’m saying this true heartedly based on my personal experience with making money online.


How to earn money online with Google at home

Whether you’re a student looking for Google online jobs, a teenager searching for easy jobs online, or an adult looking for ideas to earn extra money on the side, there are many ways to work from home part-time or full-time.

You’re here to learn how to earn money from Google at home, so let’s go through the ways you can do that today.


Make money advertising with Google AdSense

Before we dive into how you can get started, let’s go through some of the basic questions you may have about AdSense.


What is Google AdSense and how do you make money with it?

Since Google explains this very well, I’ll let them answer that for you. 🙂

According to Google’s AdSense Help page, they answered by saying:


“Google AdSense provides a way for publishers to earn money from their online content. AdSense works by matching ads to your site based on your content and visitors. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products. Since these advertisers pay different prices for different ads, the amount you earn will vary.”


Once you start your blog (which I explain in greater detail later) and have ads set up on your website, you can start earning money based on the cost-per-click (CPC), which is the number of clicks you get on your ads from a user.

Based on AdSense’s Help page, the advertisers set and determine your CPC. Depending on the advertisers and what they are advertising, you may get paid higher for each click than others.


How to make money with Google AdSense

In this section, I’m going to talk about how you can make money online with Google AdSense.

There are two main ways you could start monetizing with Adsense.

First, you can start a blog like how I did. Seriously, this is something I don’t regret when I learned how to make money online as a beginner.

Alternatively, you can start your own YouTube channel and I will mention more about that later.

Ok, let’s take a deep dive into how you can make money at home with Google AdSense earnings.


Start a blog or website and make money online with Google ads

I’m going to share my personal experience on how I made money online with Google AdSense by starting a blog for as low as $2.95 per month HERE plus you’ll get a free domain name when you sign up via my link.

The good thing is Google doesn’t require any minimum page views or traffic when you apply.

However, when I first started this blog as a beginner blogger, I made sure my blog was presentable with an “About Me” and “Contact” page, along with 10 high-quality polished articles before applying to Google AdSense.

Also, keep in mind that you won’t earn a lot when you first start. It will take some time and effort!

If you’re interested in learning how I earn $10,000+ per month blogging, you can check out my blogging income reports to follow my beginning journey when I was just like you who knew absolutely nothing about earning money online.

When I applied and got accepted into Google AdSense’s program back in November 2017, I was super excited because that’s when I earned my first dollars online! This was proof that you can make money online, so I kept going and eventually made over thousands of dollars online!


Here is a screenshot of my earnings from Google (November 2017)  when I first experimented with Google Adsense. I earned my first $26.95 just by displaying ads on my brand new blog:

make money online with google adsense


Here is a screenshot of my Google AdSense earnings of almost $200 in July 2018:

make money online google adsense

Just a month after this, I started earning over $1,000 in monthly passive income with display advertising. You can check out one of my Mediavine blog income reports to see what made this take off!

Not too long after this, I started earning $3,000 to $5,000 per month in extra money within my first year of blogging on top of my full-time job.


Here is my screenshot of proof that you can make money online with just display advertising alone — $11,639.93.

make money online with google traffic display advertising


How to start a blog and make money with Google AdSense as a beginner

If you’re excited about learning how to start a blog so you can start making money online, sign up for my FREE 7-day e-mail course.

I will teach you step-by-step exactly what I did to drive traffic to my blog so I could start earning a full-time income from home.



Make money with Google Analytics

On top of earning money with Google Adsense (which is purely traffic), you can learn how to make money with Google Analytics by implementing certain blogging and marketing strategies.

Once you start getting some traffic to your blog, I recommend creating a Google Analytics account here.

This free resource is a gold mine for bloggers because you can get a better understanding of who your audience is along with their interests. This will help you understand what your readers want so you can tailor to their needs.

By knowing who your audience is, you can potentially generate higher revenue on your blog.

Overall, Google Analytics gives you free tools and resources to analyze data to help you make better decisions and what actions to take.

For example, I use my Google Analytics data on a monthly basis to make tweaks on my blog posts, which result in higher earnings (outside of my blog traffic) based on my audiences’ interests.


Using Google Analytics and posting affiliate links

Aside from using Google ads to make money with my blog, you can also check out how I make money online with affiliate marketing by using affiliate links.

Again, I use Google Analytics to determine who my audience is and what they want from my website.

This influenced my decision to implement some affiliate marketing strategies (AKA posting affiliate links) onto this blog, which increased my earnings over the months. I was earning more money with affiliate marketing than I was earning with my display ads with Google AdSense as a new blogger.

Here is a screenshot of my earnings in several months just from recommending and posting links using both Google and Pinterest traffic — $22,460.97!

make money online with google at home


Sell apps on Google Play Store

If you have a passion for creating apps for users, you can make money from Google Play by selling your apps on the platform.

You’ll first need to create a Google Wallet Merchant Account.

To do this, you’ll need to sign up for a Google Play Developer account. You will be required to pay a one-time registration fee of $25.

When your app is ready for launch, publish it as a paid app on the Google Play Store.

Aside from making money online with Google by selling your app through the Play Store, you can also monetize by placing Google ads on your app.

If you have the patience and are eager to make money online by creating and selling apps, then learn how to publish your first app using Google play with this launch checklist.

But what if becoming an app developer sounds like too much work and you want to take it easy?

Then I recommend you to be the user and download these free money-making apps that pay you extra cash. You can check out the list to see how I get paid for using a few of my favorite smartphone apps! It’s another way to make money online for free without paying anything.


Sell books on Google Play Store

Another option is you can also make money online with Google Play by selling books on the platform.

If writing sparks your interest, then you can publish your books on this platform and reach fans that will love you for your creative work.

Once you become a partner and publish your book, Google Play will accept your work in either PDF or EPUB format.

To get started, you can submit a signup request to join the Google Play Books Partner Program.

You can learn everything about how selling books on Google Play works with this guide here.


Google Opinion Rewards

All my friends and family members have been using Google Opinion Rewards for years to earn Google Play and PayPal credits.

You asked how to earn money online for free, so this is one of the methods that allow you to make extra money at home without paying anything!

How Google Opinion Rewards works is they basically pay you to complete quick and easy survey questions during your spare time.

You won’t earn a ton of money with this Google app, but it is a fun way to make extra money on the side by sharing your opinion to help companies improve their products and services.

You can expect to earn up to $1 for every survey completed.

According to Opinion Rewards Help page:


“The more honestly you answer questions, the more valuable your opinion is, and therefore, you may receive more surveys.”


With that said, I encourage you to take your time and answer each question as honestly as possible so you can help them and yourself. Not to mention, this may increase your chances for better earning opportunities.

If you’re interested in the idea of making extra money at home by providing your opinion, then check out the best online survey sites for cash. It’s a legitimate way to make money online and earn up to $50 per survey.


Start a YouTube channel

Another way to start earning money using Google AdSense is by starting your own YouTube channel.

I personally prefer making money by blogging and writing content only because I’m introverted and not a huge fan of videos.

Yeah, I’m kinda camera shy too. 🙂

But if being on video or TV excites you, then you may want to consider learning how to become a YouTuber so you can start making money online with Google AdSense earnings.

Just keep in mind that you need 1000s views to your videos in order to make your first few dollars.

But as your subscribers and followers grow, your income will too.


How to get paid for searching the web

There’s a misconception when it comes to this point.

Earn money by searching the Internet using Google?? From what I know, you don’t get paid for searching the web using Google.

Even if I don’t get paid using this, I still like using Google searches because it’s one of the best search engines and I can rely on it when I’m looking for valuable information.

However, it doesn’t mean you can’t use other search engines and be rewarded for it.

Google may not pay you for using their searches, but there are other search engines that allow you to earn money and rewards from using them.

Here is one search engine I recommend using if you want to earn money by searching the Internet (just like how you search for information on Google).


Swagbucks: I’ve been using this free resource for 10 years to earn free gift cards to Starbucks for free coffee or extra money in PayPal cash. You basically get rewarded for doing things online such as searching on the web, filling out surveys, shopping, or watching a few funny cat videos. I use this to make a few searches a day to earn enough Swagbucks points to redeem my free money.


👉 Sign up for a FREE Swagbucks account here and get a $5 bonus just for trying it. It’s absolutely free to use and will only take 10 seconds to create your account!


how to get paid for searching the web


You can learn more in my review and how I make money online for free using Swagbucks.


Summary on how to make money online with Google

As you can see, there are a few ways you can earn money online with Google at home for free.

That includes making money using Google AdSense on platforms like your blog or YouTube channel.

Signing up for AdSense is free but starting a profitable blog for beginners will cost as low as $2.95 per month. That is really cheap and worth it if you ask me.

Plus, for bloggers, there isn’t any minimum requirement for page views to start earning with Google Adsense.



If blogging isn’t your thing, you can look into creating a free YouTube account as a content creator and monetize with ads after you get your first 1000s views.

Another free way to earn money with Google is by filling out surveys with Google Opinion Rewards.

You can also make money with Google Play by creating apps or books and selling them on the platform.

Lastly, you won’t get paid for searching the web on Google, but other search engines like Swagbucks Search will reward you PayPal cash or free gift cards for surfing the Internet. These are all tried and true ways to earn extra cash on the side without having to pay anything.


Readers, are you ready to make money online with Google from home? Let me know all about it!

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  1. Hello! Thanks for this detailed post about how I can earn money with Google. It’s just what I was looking for to get started with making money online. I’ve been following your web site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the good job with the blog!

    1. Hi Mollie

      Thank you for your kind words. It’s nice to hear from you.

      I hope you found this article about making money with Google helpful! 🙂

  2. Tremendous post that shows your Google earnings. I’ve been following you and very impressed by your progress. I’m waiting to learn more from you about earning online. 😎

  3. Hey Ling! Great post as always! So informative! I love the recommendations on this post most especially YouTube. I wish I have the personality for it but like you, I am introverted and prefer writing.

    Oh, I didn’t know about Google Opinion Rewards— I’ll def look it up!

    1. Hey Jane!

      Yeah, definitely check out the Google Opinion Rewards. You won’t make a ton of money online with this but it’s great for extra money on the side. You could just sit on your couch from home and answer a few survey questions just like how other survey sites work.

      And yes, it crossed my mind to look into YouTube a while back but I still prefer blogging. I’m thinking in the future if my blog becomes more stable, I might dive into YouTube videos just to test it out but not with me in it haha.

      It’s always nice to hear from you, Jane. I hope you are doing well! 🙂

  4. Hi! I’m very interested in learning from your blog! I’m also taking your 7 day email course and can’t wait to see what I’ll learn. I’ve been wanting to Blog, but just don’t really know how to start.

    1. Hi Lacy!

      I’m glad to hear you’re interested in learning more about earning online with a blog!

      I remember starting off with learning about Google Adsense as a beginner. That was my first experience with earning my first dollar. 🙂

      Feel free to let me know if you have questions about blogging, making money online, or from my course!

  5. Hello Ling

    How are you? I wanted to say I enjoy reading your blog and Pinterest experience.

    These are great tips about earning money online using Google. I use rewards but haven’t gotten back a lot of money but maybe it’s my lack of activity.

    I’ve yet to start my blog and I’ve been putting that on hold. It’s always on my mind but I just can’t seem to push myself.

    I very much love everything about this website. Its so honest and something about you I can give my trust. Thank you for all your stories and being so open. You don’t catch many of those today.

    Thank you answering me on emails. You’ve been very patient with me.

    1. Hey Ronald

      Thanks for leaving a comment here.

      It’s my pleasure to help. I’ve been getting a lot of emails and I do try to take my time to respond to all of them. So please forgive me for being slower with the response.

      I wish you luck with your starting your blog so you can finally make your dreams come true as per discussion. It is a long term game and nothing is ever certain in life. I’m glad I tried this out because I don’t want to regret not trying it down the road. Again, I thought starting a blog was very affordable and cheap so I tried it to see how it goes. 🙂

      Good luck to you!

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