Why Am I Poor? How To Stop Being Broke (And Improve Your Financial Situation)

why am I poor

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Why Am I Poor?

Ever since I was a little girl, I always heard my dad ask the same question over and OVER again…

Like, literally non-stop!

Why am I poor?

Until this day, he STILL asks the same question!





If I got paid a dollar for each time he asked this question, I probably would’ve become a multi-millionaire by now.

His helpless voice along with his negative energy pretty much scarred me for life. I always remember him saying:


“Our family is not meant to live a rich (or comfortable) life. We’re always going to be poor AF no matter how hard we try. Unlike other people, I’m just a very unlucky man. That’s life… too bad, we just have to live with it.”


It got to the point where his perspective about life and money made me became such a negative person for more than 25 years!

My dad made the little girl in me wonder… am I going to be broke forever? I’m probably going to be poor and depressed for the rest of my life!

After when I was done school, I knew that I didn’t want to be a reflection of my dad.

Despite being poor, I still managed to develop a positive mindset and saved money while living on a low income. This includes being able to find $10,000+ in FREE money from many hidden resources.

That’s just how I dealt with a poor daddy who made me feel hopeless most of the time (though I know he didn’t mean to). 🙂

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Anyway, that was my little personal story.

I know you’re tired of struggling financially, so today, we have a guest post by Good Nelly from Debtconsolidationcare.com. She is going to explain why you are poor and how to stop being broke!

I hope her tips inspire and motivate you to take control of your finances!

Take it away, Good Nelly!


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This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more information.



Why am I always broke?

Being broke is a temporary situation. Being poor is a state of mind.


Are you tired of being broke and depressed?

You may always find yourself asking, “Why am I always broke at the end of the month?”

If you’re tired of struggling financially, it is the time to stop worrying and get going. You won’t achieve anything by worrying. So, stop being depressed, accept where you stand financially, and find a way out.

But, before you know how to stop being broke, you need to analyze why you are broke.


Did you not manage your finances properly?

Was irresponsible use of credit cards the main reason?

Did you experience any medical debt?

Were you laid off at some point in time?


Here are some more reasons that may lead you to debt:


1. You don’t pay heed to your money problems

It is quite natural to experience money problems at some point in life. But, you may not be tackling those problems head-on. You may not be successful but taking the step is important.


2. You always worry about others’ opinion

Are you always worried about what others think about you? Yes?

Tell me one thing, how many of your friends and relatives came to your help when you were experiencing financial difficulty? Probably one or two of them, right?

But, you might have swiped your credit cards to match your friends’ lifestyle.


3. You don’t utilize your leisure time

Nowadays, most of us spend a lot of time surfing the web mindlessly. I am not saying that you shouldn’t relax; it is also necessary. But, you can utilize some of your leisure time to earn significant dollars by starting these side hustles.


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4. You don’t pay heed to the interest rates

Making minimum payments on your credit cards might seem ok for you. You are not defaulting on your cards and the credit card companies also don’t bother you since you’re continuing with making the payments.

But, have you noticed that interest is getting charged on your outstanding balances, which in turn, is increasing your outstanding balance even more, probably every month?


5. You don’t care about your relatively expensive habits

You may think that smoking a cigar is just a matter of spending a few bucks. But, just calculate how much you spend on it annually. It is a significant amount; isn’t it?

Likewise, have you ever calculated how much you spend per month on your gym fees and monthly subscriptions which you can do without?

All these things cumulatively increase your expenses and put pressure on you to manage your finances.

So, at first, think and analyze what led you to debt. It may be a combination of factors instead of only one.

However, even if it’s not in your hands, you’re responsible, to some extent, for your debt problems.

For example, you might have been laid off, for which you incurred debt. This may not be your fault and it might be a company policy. But, you could overcome this situation if you would have an emergency fund.

So, at first, admit and be responsible for your financial situation. Be honest with yourself and your financial life.

Then, stop worrying and take necessary steps to improve your financial condition.


Analyze where you stand financially

How will you plan to improve your financial situation if you’re not sure about your present position? Yes, so, you need to have knowledge about your exact financial scenario.

It will include the amount of debt you have, your net worth, etc.

So, sit down with your bank statements, credit card details, etc. and find out where you stand financially.


Plan a budget which you’ll be able to follow

To make the first move to improve your financial situation, you need to plan a suitable budget. To do so, first of all, forget about your present situation, set your goals, and write down your values.


1. How will you define your financial goals?

To do so, think of what you want to accomplish in the next 3 months, next 6 months, and after a year. You can also list your long-term goals like what you want to financially achieve after, say about, 5 years.

2. Prioritize your expenses

Now, list the values that matter to you the most. Make room for expenses, which matter to you the most.

3. Write down your sources of income

The next step in planning a budget is to make a note of your income. You might be doing freelance jobs or part-time jobs or have a full-time job with not satisfactory income. Whatever be it, list your income from all sources and calculate an average monthly income.

4. Write down all your expenses

Now, determine your fixed and variable expenses in a month. While doing so, don’t forget to include your quarterly or annual expenses. It is better to add these expenses to your monthly budget.

5. Create a realistic budget and save money

Make saving a necessary thing. You should try to save a fixed amount every month. It is not a right approach to continue spending and saving what’s left behind. On the contrary, it should be just the opposite.


Do not save what is left after spending; instead, spend what is left after saving — Warren Buffett


6. Monitor your financial progress

Another important thing, make sure you revisit your budget at least at every quarter and make changes to it if required.


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Save as much as you can

Everyone will give you this advice.

You also know that you need to reduce your expenses to save more. But often people overlook certain things that can help save more.

Have you thought whether or not you can reduce your phone bill? What about your insurance coverage?

Just give a call to these utility services, which you are using, and let them know that you’re getting a better deal from other service providers, and negotiate on the price you’re paying.

If you are a loyal customer, then there are chances that they’ll offer you a better rate.

You are in a win-win situation. If you don’t get a better deal from your existing service provider, you can always look for better deals anywhere else. They may offer you a good rate as a new customer.


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Along with it, scan where you’re wasting your hard-earned money.

One best way to do it is to list your expenses for each and every dollar you spend. Then, at the end of the month, tally it with your budget plan. It will also help you plan a suitable budget and make modifications to it if required.

Even then, if you can’t resist your shopping temptation, because you can’t stop it altogether overnight, shop at stores that offer you cash back. There are many apps with FREE cash back offers when you purchase through them.


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“I am poor but my friends are rich”

Do you catch yourself saying this all the time?

Well, don’t compare yourself with your peer group!

Tell me one thing, will you do yourself any favor if you try to match your lifestyle with others? You are now broke, but once your financial situation improves, make a conscious attempt not to do this.

You will not be happy by succumbing to the pressure of your peer group. I have seen that people, who want to overspend, motivate others to overspend too. So, if you agree to this, your financial situation will never improve.

Choose a lifestyle that you want to have instead of matching yours with others.


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Have multiple savings accounts instead of one

Often we hear about multiple savings strategies to repay debt, saving for an emergency fund, saving for a vacation, and so on.

How about having multiple savings accounts? Won’t it make your work easy to save a significant amount every month?

I think it can help you.

What you need to do is, create checking accounts, savings accounts, and PayPal accounts. After you get your paycheck, divide the amount amongst your different accounts on the basis of your budget plan.

Make sure you use one account for that purpose only. Do not ever use it for other purposes.

Doing so, you won’t overspend since your account won’t allow it.


Increase your income

To repay your debts and improve your financial condition, you need to increase your income. It may be that you’re trying to save as much as you can, leading a frugal lifestyle, but it helps whatever dollar you can add to your existing income.

There are a few ways to do it. One of the best ways is to move to a cheaper place than where you’re living. From my personal experience, I can tell you that, you can get an apartment of your choice, at a much lower rent.

Another good opportunity to raise your income is to participate in these online surveys. It will be quite interesting too!

You can also search the web for various ways to earn extra income.



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Choose a good option to resolve debt problems

When you are broke, most likely you’ll have quite a good amount of debt to pay off. You might have swiped your credit cards or taken out loans to manage your financial condition. It might also happen that you didn’t manage your credit cards responsibly.

So, now you’ll have to find some ways to resolve your debt problems.

First of all, stop accruing more debt. Shift from credit card purchase to cash purchase. That means, forget about your credit cards for the time being and buy your necessities with whatever cash you have.

If you have an income, try to save a certain amount from it which you’ll use to repay outstanding debts.

But, to repay debts, you need to have a brief knowledge about the debt relief options and know which one may be suitable for your financial condition.

Here’s a brief idea:

Debt snowball – You make more than the minimum payment on the lowest balance debt along with making the minimum payments on other unsecured debts.

Debt avalanche – You make more than the minimum payment on the debt with the highest interest rate along with making minimum payments on the other debts.

Debt consolidation – If you have multiple debts to pay but you can pay them in full, then you can consolidate and repay your debts.

Debt settlement – If you’re not able to repay your bills in full, you can negotiate with your creditors to reduce the payoff amount so that you can pay that and get rid of your debts.

So, analyze your situation and choose the best way to resolve the debt.

However, if you don’t have a decent job and no part-time job and lots of debt, then filing bankruptcy may be the only option available to you.

By filing bankruptcy, you can get a discharge from your credit card bills, personal loans, and so on.


Build an emergency fund for the future

You may think what I am talking about when you’re already struggling to repay debts and improving your financial situation.

But, it is necessary.

As I mentioned in the beginning, even if you’re laid off, if you have a good emergency fund, you can tackle your finances for a few months.

Usually, financial experts say that you need to have an amount in your emergency fund which is equivalent to about 6 months of your expenditure.



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Some additional tips to save money and improve your financial condition:

– Think consciously and spend only on necessary things

– Stop or at least reduce your eating outs as much as possible

– Prepare food at home and carry it to your workplace

– Do not visit friends at shopping malls where you’ll be enticed to shop

– Carefully analyze your bank statements and bills every month

– Select a date on which you will make all your bill payments

– Watch television shows online instead of paying for cable connections

– Think you have less money than what you actually have

– Do not lie to your partner about your financial condition

– Before spending on anything, ask yourself whether or not you can save that amount


I will conclude by saying that if you’re broke, you also need to change your mindset. You can always do something to improve your financial situation. You need to make smart decisions as far as money is concerned.

Finally, you have to figure out yourself how you can improve your financial status rather than feeling broke and stressed.

So, make a promise, set a plan and get going! All the best!


Author’s Bio:

Good Nelly is a financial writer who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She started her financial journey in 2007.

Good Nelly has been associated with Debtconsolidationcare.com for 9 years.

Through her writing, she has helped people overcome their debt problems and has solved personal finance related queries. She has also written for some other websites/blogs like Camp Fire Finance, XRAYVSN, Diana On A Dime, Peerless Money Mentor, and more. You can contact her at [email protected].


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      Yes, making money can go a long way. Saving money helps a lot too! I like using cashback apps to save/earn on my purchases — they add up quite a bit especially when you buy bigger ticket items. Since I’m already purchasing the item, why not? 😀

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