Power Up Budget Binder

The Ultimate Power-Up Budget Binder {250+ pages}


Whoever says that you don’t need a budget to save money and become financially independent is lying to you.

And whoever says having a budget always fails is lying to you too.

A budget works well and effectively ONLY when you follow the budgeting system that best suits YOUR situation and personality.

That’s why you’ll also get a FREE mini ebook that lays out 4 different budgeting methods so you can learn which system best suits you – trust me, saving money doesn’t have to feel restrictive! In fact, restrictive budgets are BAD budgets that don’t work!

The Power Up Budget Binder was thoroughly planned and created based on personal finance expert principles so you can easily apply any budgeting method to achieve your financial dreams.

With over 250 pages, the Power Up Budget Binder will help you create a custom-made budget that works for YOU, track your spending, pay off debt, save money, and become the MASTER of your money!

Every printable page in the Power Up Budget Binder is undated so it’s timeless and allows you to always stay organized with your finances year after year without having to purchase a new planner!

Here's What You'll Get In Your Power-Up Budget Binder!

  • How-to-use ebook with instruction manual and actionable tips
  • Bank Card Information Sheet
  • Credit Card Information Sheet
  • Password Sheet
  • Monthly Income Tracker
  • Monthly Expense Tracker which is further broken down into the most common expense categories (AND is flexible to be used as a cash envelope budgeting system):
    • Housing Expenses
    • Subscription Charges
    • Groceries & Supplies
    • Restaurants & Dining out
    • Car & Transportation
    • Health, Medical & Wellness
    • Entertainment & Hobbies
    • Beauty, Clothing & Personal Care
    • Gifts & Donations
    • Extra Monthly Expense printable so you can create as many categories as you like in addition to the most common ones listed above
  • Monthly Savings Tracker
  • Monthly Budget Review + Goals
  • Monthly Journal Page for your personal notes
  • Bill Payment Tracker
  • Debt Repayment Tracker
  • 10 Fun Coloring Savings Tracker to help you reach your savings goals for each category:
    • Emergency Fund
    • Down Payment For Your Dream Home
    • Dream Vacation Fund
    • Brand New Car
    • Dream Wedding
    • Education Fund
    • Christmas Fund
    • 3 additional (and differently designed) pages of fun coloring printables to help you reach your savings goal for ANYTHING you want!
  • Annual Overview Sheet to help you visualize your financial progress
  • 8 pretty Cash Envelopes + 1 General Template
  • 12 beautifully made Monthly Dividers to organize your planner by month
  • 9 Section Covers (Income, Expense, Savings and Budget Review sections are further broken down by monthly covers for a better and more organized flow)
  • A 12-month Finance Calendar
  • Motivational and inspirational quotes about money and life sprinkled throughout the binder to help you stay motivated and crush your financial goals


My “How-To-Use” ebook in PDF includes a BONUS section that teaches you how to increase your budget once you’ve reached the point where saving money isn’t possible anymore. 

You’ll also receive a FREE 20-page “How To Create A Successful Budget Plan” e-book in PDF that includes an outline of the 4 different budgeting systems so you can follow and apply the one that best suits your need!


The Power-Up Budget Binder printables is an instant digital download. No physical copy will be shipped.

These printables will fit the standard 8.5” x 11” sheet of paper.


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