5 Amazing Money Quotes From a Billionaire That Will Change Your Life!

Money Tip from Billionaire

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Are you always feeling broke with no money, no matter where you are in life?

Do you feel like a failure when it comes to managing your money or achieving your desired life goals?

Well, I hope you don’t because I’m here to tell you that you can achieve whatever you want. You just gotta believe in yourself.


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Despite how broke my fiancé and I were seven years ago (we still consider ourselves broke), we were determined to get out of the vicious cycle of living paycheque to paycheque. With that said, we got serious about our finances and started building wealth, which unexpectedly went from $93,000 debt to over $750,000 savings and equity as of March 2018.

Throughout our financial journey, we were always inspired by Warren Buffett and his financial wisdom. We can say with 110% confidence that his wisdom has made a positive impact on our lives today. If you follow his advice and start putting them into action, you will find your way out of a financial rut. Believe me, I have extremely high confidence in you!

So, over the weekend, I re-watched his documentary, Becoming Warren Buffett, by HBO to continue motivating myself for 2018. The documentary talks about his general life, how he became successful, and other things that don’t involve money.


But in today’s post, we are going to focus on some wealth and money tips from this humble billionaire.


(This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more information.)


These tips (or quotes) from Warren Buffett will improve your financial health and life. Some are from HBO’s documentary and some are from the Internet. I thought it would be nice to put together some inspirational tips that will help you jump-start your 2018 goals.

As you read on, always remember that passion, patience, and perseverance are keys to your success!

Anyway, enough with my rambling. Let’s take a look at these five money tips from the multi-billionaire, Warren Buffett, shall we?


1) “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”

Money Tip - Planted a Tree Long Time Ago
Photo by Todd Quackenbush on Unsplash

We all know that success doesn’t come with the wave of a magic wand. It takes OH-SO-MANY years of learning (investing in yourself and learning from others), experiences, failures (yes, a lot of failures), and building a network, to see results. It takes time to build the foundation for success and this simply doesn’t happen overnight.

The same concept applies to building wealth. That person sitting in the shade today started his learning journey a long time ago. Not only did he started saving and investing for his future, he also educated himself on topics that would improve his situation. He also surrounded himself with others better than him, so he could learn from them. Of course, his journey had twists and turns. But overall, to be where he’s at today (i.e. financial independence), he planted his seed a long time ago.

If you haven’t started, don’t fret! There’s always time regardless of how old you are. The most important part is getting started. So, start now!


“It takes 20 years to make an overnight success.” – Eddie Cantor



2) “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Avatar created using Bitmoji

This is one of my favorite quotes by him that got me thinking about what I want out of life. Read here for more inspiration and meaning behind this quote.

To keep it short, it basically means you’ll never be financially independent to pursue your passions if you need to work for money. And don’t even think of relying on a company pension and/or government aid. The only person you can rely on is yourself.

Most of the time, we work and do things we don’t like for the sake of making money.

Don’t you want to stop working for money, and do things that bring passion, meaning, and fulfillment to your life? I know, it’s easier said than done. But you need to change your mindset about money and plant your tree today.


“You reach the point where you don’t work for money.” – Walt Disney



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3) “If you buy things you don’t need, soon you will have to sell things you need.”

How many of you folks are caught buying and accumulating a lot of stuff that you don’t need?

“Buy one get one free!” – free?? who doesn’t like free? (although that’s really just 50% off each item, so no… nothin’ was for free, guys!)

“Original price for this Michael Kors handbag is $500. Save 60% off!” – Sweet, it’s only $200 now (before taxes)!!! It may be a great deal, but the problem is you don’t even use it.

It’s no wonder why many people get themselves into consumer debt. If this spirals out of control, and you lose your job, you may end up scrambling for money at the last minute. As a result, you may be forced to sell your car(s), investments, and/or even your home!

If you’re forced to sell your investments, you’re essentially forced to sell your future or financial freedom. In other words, your excessive spending and credit card debt is not only robbing your money today, it’s also robbing your future away.

Scary, huh?

So, it’s important to ask yourself whether you really need that item before tapping your credit card or hitting that “checkout” button online.

To help you stay focused, I created this freebie inspirational print out so that you can frame it and hang it on your wall. It also makes a pretty home decor item without spending a $hit load at HomeSense! 😉



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4) “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.”

This is what Warren Buffett always told himself and y’all may think it’s crazy. But guess what? It’s usually the crazy people with rich mindsets that get what they want!

These “crazy” people truly believe in their dreams and aspirations. They take risks and challenge themselves every single day. They believe the impossible is possible. Simply put, they do things that are the opposite of everyone else.

Money Tip - Believe in Yourself
Avatar created using Bitmoji

In their minds, they are more than capable and they ignore what others think of them. Even after many (and I mean MANY) failures and becoming the BIGGEST laughingstock, they remain strong and keep persisting until they get it.

Believe it or not, your mind and how you think are critical to your success!


“Your only limit is you.” – Anonymous


Do you want to dive into the minds of rich people?

Here are two fantastic books I highly recommend if you want to increase your chances of becoming rich:

1) How Rich People Think by Steve Siebold.
2) Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! by Robert Kiyosaki.

I’ve read both books and they’ve completely changed my mindset about money. To be honest, I regret not reading them sooner. And when I say “changed my mindset about money,” it goes beyond the simple personal finance advice of living below your means. That is, you will need to start thinking outside the box to learn how to make money work for you instead of you working hard for money. As Robert Kiyosaki would say along the lines: “Think of each $1 that you invest in your asset column as an employee gained. They now work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Keep building your employees.”  I wrote an honest review of Rich Dad Poor Dad, so learn more about the book here.


Click the books to shop. Start changing your mindset about money so that you can reach financial freedom sooner:


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5) “When bills come due, only cash is legal tender. Don’t leave home without it.”

Generally speaking, cash is an undervalued asset.

And no, I’m not here to tell you that cash should be held in a savings account that earns you close to nothing. I’m actually quite the opposite.

For the past several years, I had an addiction of investing everything into the markets because I wanted my money to start working for me as soon as possible. Although it’s great to invest, we should still hold a sizable amount of cash.

Money Tip - Cash is King
Avatar created using Bitmoji

You never know when it will come in handy, or when you’ll need it.


Warren Buffett says:

“Cash, though, is to a business as oxygen is to an individual: never thought about when it is present, the only thing in mind when it is absent.”


In his letter from Berkshire Hathaway, it says:

American business provided a case study of that in 2008. In September of that year, many long-prosperous companies suddenly wondered whether their checks would bounce in the days ahead. Overnight, their financial oxygen disappeared.

At Berkshire, our “breathing” went uninterrupted. Indeed, in a three-week period spanning late September and early October, we supplied $15.6 billion of fresh money to American businesses.

We could do that because we always maintain at least $20 billion – and usually far more – in cash equivalents. And by that we mean U.S. Treasury bills, not other substitutes for cash that are claimed to deliver liquidity and actually do so, except when it is truly needed.

When bills come due, only cash is legal tender. Don’t leave home without it.

You can download here for the full letter from Berkshire Hathaway.


Money Tip - Have Some Cash

As you can see, it’s important to give yourself a cushion in case of an emergency. You don’t want to go into panic mode when you lose your job. And you certainly don’t want to be forced to sell your investments (at a loss) either. From an individual perspective, it means to build a sizable emergency fund before something hits you. That’s why you plan ahead, right?

Don’t have one? Don’t you worry, my friend! Read here for 10 clever ways to build your emergency fund today. Seriously, you cannot afford to live without one! No pun intended here.

Once you build your fund, you’ll have enough oxygen to breathe when a crisis hits.




There you have it – five amazing money quotes/tips from Warren Buffett!

Here’s a recap of them:

1) “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”

2) “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

3) “If you buy things you don’t need, soon you will have to sell things you need.”

4) “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think I ever doubted it for a minute.”

5) “When bills come due, only cash is legal tender. Don’t leave home without it.”


Over to you

What are your money tips for 2018?


Did you enjoy this post? If so, don’t forget to share it on Pinterest! 🙂

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  1. Isn’t he amazing!
    I like number 3—

    a colleague gifted my husband a SANTA PILLOW that had an LED light on the santa hat part of the santa pillow. It’s cute….but…

    Obviously we don’t need that nor want it (feel bad but it’s the truth) and my husband thought “this is how people go into debt, they buy stuff they don’t need”

    People accumulate too much stuff and are driven by consumerist culture. It’s overwhelming.

    1. haha I KNOW!

      When I get gifts like that, Idk what to do with them! It’s cuteeeeee and nice, but what do you do with it after looking at it and acknowledging the fact that it’s cool or cute?

      I really do think this is how a lot of people get themselves into consumer debt, but don’t realize it. I have some friends who fall under this boat, but I don’t say anything to do them because I know money is a touchy topic, and I don’t want to offend them (though deep inside I really really want to help) >.< That's why I stick to buying things that I absolutely LOVE and not just "oh, I like that... it's so cool"

  2. Happy Holidays Ms. Panda! I love reading about Buffett and any other super financially successful individual. There is so much to learn. A couple points to add to the conversation:

    1)I was a CFO in my prior life. I worked for a couple cash strapped companies and Buffett is so right, cash is the oxygen of business. Same for us individuals.

    2)If you can envision it, you can achieve it. For most of us, wealth is a choice.


    1. Happy Holidays to you too!

      I hope you had an awesome Christmas… more to come on NYE haha!

      Oh yeah, I feel like I can learn so much from these folks. That’s why I started to realize the importance of cash. It’s important to both businesses and individuals!

      I used to think holding cash isn’t optimal until I took a step back and thought to myself: “What happens if I hold only assets that hold value and likely appreciate, that aren’t entirely liquid, BUT I have very little cash in my pockets?”

      I’d probably be screwed, especially if things start going sour. Just the thought of that changed my view about cash lol…

      Thanks for dropping by again! ^_^

  3. Yessss, love it! I’m a big fan of #5. Holding cash gets looked down upon at times in the PF community but I really don’t care. It can save your backside and also come in handy to scoop up opportunities that present themselves.

    And as always, love the bitmoji haha.

    1. Hello, my bitmoji twin (Ms. DS) and Mr. DS!

      Yeah, cash is so important! But of course, it’s good to have investments working for you as well (assuming if someone has TOO much cash and no investments). So, I would say it’s best to have both if they can!

      With me, I used to hold very little cash in my account LOL… I would just have the bare minimum so that I don’t get charged any fees from the bank!

      If someone’s got more than enough cash to cover their a$$, I would say it’s time to put some of that money to work. And yes, I agree with you that certainly comes in handy when opportunities arise!

  4. Nice tips! I need to watch that documentary. I’m a big fan of Warren Buffet for obvious reasons. He distills it down to the basics – no voodoo, no magic tricks or gimmicks. The other thing I love about the guy is his civic mindedness. He’s open to being taxed more to help level the playing field.

    1. Hi Cubert!!

      Definitely, watch the documentary! It’s pretty fun to watch (or maybe I’m just a weirdo for thinking it’s fun). Haha, either way, it’s a great documentary.

      You learn about his frugal lifestyle as well, not because he’s forcing it, but he actually enjoys it… i.e. how he enjoys McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches. I couldn’t get over that and I just loved it. But maybe because I could relate bc I love their breakfast too!

      He’s SO rich that he can AFFORD to do whatever he can to help. He can donate to different foundations and his life won’t be impacted! Instead, he’s creating a positive impact! That’s why I love him so much!!

  5. That documentary was so awesome. He is the best I feel like I am waiting for the day it comes out that Berkshire was the biggest ponzi ever. I mean this guy is amazing.

    I think its important to know you will be rich! Not rich in a dirty way but being confident and following through with a plan is Yuuuge.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Haha definitely not the thinking rich in a cocky or bad way! I’m thinking about the humble rich who make a great impact to the world!

      As they say, money magnifies who you are. If a person were born sleazy, and they were rich, they become worse — they use money in selfish ways. But if a person is kind and humble, they will become so helpful and resourceful when rich!

      Happy holidays to you too!! Enjoy the booze haha 🍻

  6. “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago”…This is the 1 concept that most don’t get, or either want to ignore in today’s world. They want to become rich NOW. They aren’t interested in the long term at all.

    I recently had a convo with an old high school friend who asked me about investing. I told him to follow my coming investment posts, but for the mean time I told him to research Index Funds. He got back to me today and told me Index Funds are for “sheep” (beginners) and that he is interested in Bitcoin & Apple stock.

    Most people who don’t understad the market think they can beat it. Warren Buffet might be on to something when he intrusted his heirs with placing 90% of his estate in a low cost S&P Index Fund upon his death.

    1. Hi Sean!!

      Yeah, it’s like human nature to want instant gratification! Ppl can’t hold their horses for 1 second lol.

      Your high school friend reminds me of a few of my co workers and some family members who have risk-seeking behaviours.

      When I tell them I mostly hold index funds and that my strategy is holding forever, they all laugh at me and call me a grandma… they’re like “seriously?? It’s either you go big or go home!” I get that, but going big with no research, no plan, and just hoping onto the bandwagon isn’t so smart lol!

      And then, of course, there’s the other side who are so conservative with their money and never invest. Yet, they’re always buying lottery tickets hoping to win their roads to riches one day.

      Thanks for stopping by!! 😊 I can’t wait to check out your site!

      1. That’s the best part! Everytime I ask someone who laughs off low cost Index Funds about why they think Index Funds are inferior to buying hot stocks, bitcoin, etc., they can never give me an answer…They simply say they are boring or are for starters in the market.

        If only people did their research on the history of the stock market and how achieving the market return is ALL you can really hope for over the longterm. Unfortunately most people that come to me asking for investment advice are around my age (25) so they have only really known the Bull Market we have been in since 2009. None of them have experienced market corrections or Bear Market’s.

        They have “friends” in their other ear who tell them they made it BIG off this 1 stock, yet failed to mention all the other stocks they lost on. So the listening friend only hears about the 1 good stock and then thinks they can do the same.

        If you told me right now that I could get 8% ONLY for the rest of my life, but I was guarenteed to get that every year for the rest of my life, I would sign on the dotted line right then and there!

        1. It is so amazing that you have this mindset at 25! So many people only think about their future when they’re past their late 30s or sometimes never!!

          Yeah, they never can provide any good reason as to why they choose a stock or some other hot investment vehicle. They’re just randomly throwing darts as they’re blind folded lol! They also see others one time success and they it’s super easy. Sad part is ppl never share their failures!

          The fact that you’re 25 with this type of thinking, you’re going to do amazing (you’re already doing amazing)! You’re way ahead and on top of the game. Keep up at it, Sean! 😉😉

  7. Happy New Year Panda. Warren Buffett is also someone that I look up to and try to model my investment philosophy after.

    I wanted to earn money while I sleep that’s while my goal is to earn $100k in dividend income and have my money working for me. Instead of me working for money.

    One important thing to note is that, “it’s not how much you earn, it’s how much you get to keep after taxes.” Income tax planning and minimization is a huge part of my journey to financial freedom too.

  8. Happy New Year’s Panda!!
    Have to watch that Warren Buffet documentary, haven’t got around to it yet.
    I really like #2. You really need multiple streams of income because like you said, you will work until you die because that one outlet of income will not take you far. Investing and side hustles are a few ways to get that extra income. More people should realize this.

    1. Hey Kris!

      I hope baby w/ cents is feeling better now! Glad to hear from you again.

      Definitely check out the doc. Very inspiring! It’s sooo awesome.

      Yup making more money work for you would be the way to freedom 😊

      Happy new year to you and your family!!

    1. Hi hi ms. 99 to 1%!!

      Oh yes! I love everything about him. I feel like just following some of his advice will improve a person’s life! I felt that it improved mine a lot!! 😀

      “It’s ok to try and fail, but it’s not ok to fail to try” is a fantastic tip! I totally agree with this one. The only way to be successful is to fail many many many manyyy times! It’s unlikely to experience success without failing and learning from it. Awesome tip you gave 😉

      Thanks so much for dropping by and adding me to your Pinterest GB <3

  9. Great tips!

    #3 really hits home to me.
    I joke with my wife that she has a great business of buying things at full price and then selling them on ebay a few months later for 50% off. ….Look at my eyes…roll em

    I hope one day she’ll get it.


    1. hey Money Hungry!

      Thanks for dropping by!!

      Haha I have a colleague who tells me how his wife orders non stop from Amazon 247. Every time he comes home from work, he sees many amazon boxes filled with random baby stuff, bags, jewelry, etc… he said his wife is making Amazon rich. 😩

      He says “happy wife happy life” with eyes rolled lol… sigh!

      I’m sure your wife will understand one of these days! Make that a 2018 goal! 😊

      Happy new year!!

  10. Great post! I am a bit behind but I am finally catching up with my favourite bloggers 🙂

    Love these money tips! Especially 1, 2 and 3!
    I completely agree with them.

    You always need to act now, to rip the benefits in the future. Never wait! And you wrote an entire article on 2. Which I loved!

    Number 3: I completely agree! We all have so much stuff! It’s unbelievable how much useless stuff we own. I am really trying to stop buying anything!

    I also really want to watch the documentary you mentioned! I haven’t seen it yet. I bet it’s great!

    1. Aww, that’s so sweet of you to say! Don’t sweat it… the most important thing is you’re feeling better now 😀

      hehe I know #3 is so simple, yet so many people miss it! And it’s sad because most of the stuff we buy ends up going to waste.

      #2 is one of my favorite quotes by him! It was my wake up call to FI 😀

      And yes, watch the documentary whenever you have time. It’s so awesome!! You definitely learn a thing or two from this amazing man!!

  11. This really is the appropriate weblog for any individual who wants to find out about this subject. You recognize so considerably its practically hard to argue with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You unquestionably put a brand new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just terrific!

    1. Hi Daron!

      Thank you so much for dropping by!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the read. I know his quotes are all over the net, but I had fun writing this one up because I love thinking about quotes — particularly Warren Buffet’s lol! His quotes and tips are so simpe, yet so witty. I love them!!

      I wanted to go nuts and write more of his other quotes/tips but thought it would be a better idea to leave them for another post. 😊

      Again, thank you for your kind words!!

  12. I love Warren Buffet, he has so much wisdom to share. Sadly I haven’t seen he’s documentary but will definitely check it out. One of the quotes I started early on with my kids is to never depend on a single income and to start looking for ways to make money work for you (such as stock market and real estate investment). Success is a lot of hard work I agree, and it does take a lot of patience and perseverance. Thanks for sharing more of his best quotes.

    1. Hi Nancy!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the read. It’s so smart that you mention this to your kids. It’s something I wish I knew when I was a kid, LOL! Can you imagine how much your kids can accomplish when they start early?? Definitely watch the documentary… it’s so amazing!

      Thanks so much for dropping by! 🙂

  13. Hi Panda!

    I need to watch this documentary pronto!

    I must say #3 is a rude awakening! I loved the freebie inspirational print so much I saved it as a picture in my phone so that I stumble upon it on a weekly basis and it reminds me of unhealthy shopping decisions, a goal of mine for 2018! So, my 2018 money tip is to be more mindful in everything involving spending, by allowing myself to “sleep on it” whenever I want to buy something, and asking myself questions like would I buy this if I had to pay for it with cash?

    Thanks for such an inspiring post Panda! 🙂

    1. Hi Lily!

      Yes, watch the documentary! It’s truly amazing and I loved it.

      LOL I love #3 because I feel that a lot of people can relate to this quote. I mean, we all love to spend, don’t we?

      I think it’s okay to spend and splurge as long as the person can afford it. We all have those moments and it’s okay!

      And yes, I find that when you sleep on it, you won’t want it as much as you thought you did when you were holding the item in your hand at that moment. If you really really love it, you will keep thinking about it. But usually, out of sight, out of mind. 😀

      P.S. gorgeous profile pic by the way! 🙂

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