I have a goal.

That goal is to help people like you who struggle to break free.

I know… you feel stuck being where you are right now.

But all you need is MOTIVATION and ENCOURAGEMENT to get started!

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Are you dying to ditch that “9-5” because you lack fulfillment being there?

Or, maybe you don’t mind your job (for now), but you want to get ahead with your finances and start building your net worth.

Either case, I know for a fact that you want to save more, earn more, and invest more.


It’s not for the sake of amassing $10,000,000 to show for in your death bed.

You want more because you strive for freedom.

You strive for freedom because you want to spend time on things that matter most to you.

Those things include your passions, dreams, and goals. They also include being around the people you love and care about.

I mean, why would you want to spend 40+ years of your time at a company that doesn’t even care about you, or your life goals?

At the end, you’re really just fighting for freedom.

To you, this is what a rich and fulfilling life really looks like!

In simple words, you just want to be happy.

If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place.

My aim with this blog is to teach you about saving, earning, and investing. I am learning more and more as I write and would love to share my insights with you.

In addition to that, I also talk about building your net worth, slowly and steadily.

Put in a different perspective, my aim is to inspire and motivate you to reach your financial goals. Ultimately, helping both you and me achieve [buy] our freedom and happiness together!

Why I started this blog

Initially, I started this blog in September 2017 as an outlet to separate myself from the masses.

Generally, I am dumbfounded by most people (the masses) at the office. My views and life goals – especially about money and finding fulfilment – are completely differently from theirs.

It’s as if we’re from two completely different planets!

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They get this idea that I’m on crack when I’m passionately talking about investing, retirement planning, financial freedom, pursuing your passions, and helping millions live a more meaningful and intentional life.

Anyway, you get the picture (literally).

Unlike the masses, I knew that I wanted to make an impact by motivating and helping millions of people, like you, solve their problems.

With that said, I was never motivated to climb that corporate ladder. Doing that would give me no sense of achievement nor fulfillment because it wouldn’t make an impact to anyone’s life.

Like the masses, however, I admit enjoying the BMWs, Porsches, Chanel/Louis Vuitton bags, designer outfits, and all the other finer things in life.

But over time I began to realize that these things never brought me long-term happiness. As a result, I engaged in a no spend challenge for almost one year. Learn about what I learned in this challenge.

So, to kick start my journey to escape the rat race, I did the following things:

  • accelerated my savings and earnings
  • researched more about passive income
  • discovered creative hacks to save money
  • practiced gratitude

But most important of all, I invested in myself. As Warren Buffett says “The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”

I did all of this so that I could help me help you!

As I continue my journey, I would love to share my experience and knowledge with you, in hopes to help you achieve your financial goals.

So what do you say?

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Let’s be on this journey together so that we can tackle our hurdles and start living the happy life we want today!