Sep-30-2017 Report

As you see, this is my first post on my net worth status so I’m a bit nervous! That said, I’ll do my very best to analyze where the changes came from.

Here’s a snapshot on how we did!

First of all, let’s dive into at our assets.


You’ll notice quite a drop from $30,963 to $26,682. That’s because we were getting ready for our 6-day trip to L.A. As a result, we paid $1,442 for plane tickets plus accommodations. On top, we exchanged our CAD for USD currency during this period at a 23% premium.

TFSA (Tax-free savings account):

Not much here other than market movements. It looks like our overall investments were up $5,014 (4.75% increase) for the month.

RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) Investments:

Similar to the TFSA, markets were up for the month. So, our accounts increased by $2,644 (3.63% increase) for the period.

Non-registered Investments:

These are our holdings in USD. As you can see, it increased by $362, so not much change.

Company Stock Ownership:

TBH, we don’t look at our stock ownership; nor do we really pay attention to market movements in general, but Idk what happened here… haha… Looks like we’re up by $5,123 for the month (11.39% increase compared to the last).

Real estate:

For both the primary residence and the investment property, we decided to fix our values at $750,000 and $310,000, respectively. Despite the professional’s appraisal of $805,000 and $320,000, respectively, we decided to put a lower value to be conservative. After all, we might see Canada’s (especially Toronto’s) housing market fall… *shrugs* 🤷‍♀️

Not that we care ’cause we ain’t selling these anytime soon.

Investment Property Account:

We have a joint account where every activity associated with the investment property is tracked here. That is, all income and expenses run on its own in this account. But it looks like there’s a small error in this section because the change in amount looks off. I will have to double check this (along with the Investment Property under mortgage section).

In sum, our assets went up from $1,383,525 to $1,395,205, an increase of $11,676 (0.84%) for the month.

Now let’s take a look at the dreadful debt!

Student loan:

Since 2010 (him) and 2011 (me), we decided to invest instead of paying off our loans. Overall, we were lucky and it worked out in our favour due to a bull market after the 2008 crisis.

But honestly, with Canada’s two recent rate hikes, we are thinking about killing off our debt by the beginning of next year. We’ll see whether or not we’re feeling it… haha!

As for now, our outstanding balance is $21,864. For September, our combined student loans reduced by $590.

Primary resident:

The outstanding mortgage went from $395,277 to $394,117. As a result, $1,160 went towards equity thanks to the tenants! 😊

Investment property & HELOC:

Hmm…. -$36? This doesn’t look right, so I’ll have to double check this again and fix it for the next month.

All in all, our total liabilities went down from $729,166 to $727,405, reducing our overall debt by $1,711.

In summary, our net worth went up from $654,409 to $665,167 for the month, a $10,758 increase!