How To Make Money With YouTube Videos (For Beginners)

how to make money with youtube videos

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As you may or may not know, there are so many different ways to make money online in 2019.

Earning money online and side hustle ideas are all the rage today!

Honestly, when I was working a 9-5 job, I had no clue that people were earning extra money or starting a side business on the Internet that would eventually become their passion and full-time career!

From taking paid surveys online for extra money to starting your very own blog and/or becoming a YouTube star online, you can find this info almost everywhere online nowadays!


Today, I have a lovely guest post by Ashwin Honawar who will teach you how to make money with YouTube videos.

I’m very excited to have him here.

So please, take it away, Ashwin!


How To Make Money With YouTube Videos

There’s nothing really new about making money on YouTube.

Millions of people across the world are doing so already.

However, with over 1.9 billion monthly users spread across the globe, YouTube continues to offer ample opportunities to make money. Provided, you’re willing to exert extra effort and spend reasonable time to make money with YouTube.

How does YouTube offer these money-making opportunities?

Let’s check through facts and figures.


Interesting YouTube Facts

To make money with YouTube, it’s vital to understand these statistics gleaned from various sources.


– By mid-2019, YouTube has over 1.9 billion Monthly Average Users (MAUs). In simpler terms, MAUs are people that login to YouTube and watch videos.

– The number of people who watch videos without login remains unknown. Hence, we could easily have over two billion viewers using YouTube every month.

– Over 70% of viewers watch YouTube videos on mobile devices- mainly smartphone, tabs, and laptops.

– You can get local versions of YouTube in over 90 countries.

– Navigation of YouTube channels is available in 85 languages covering 95% of the global population with Internet access.

– In 2018, a number of channels earning $100,000 per year or more shot up by 40% over 2017.

– Similarly, channels earning $10,000 per year or more saw a rise of 50%.

– About 96% American millennials (age between 16 and 24) watch videos on YouTube.

– More than 50% of American seniors (above 75 years) prefer watching YouTube videos.

– Nearly 15.8% of viewers live in the USA, making Americans the single largest population of YouTube followers.

– YouTube reaches over 76% of America’s population between ages 18 to 34, which means the online channel attracts more viewers than traditional TV.

– Over 47% of music on demand is provided by YouTube.

– There’s a 70% increase in the number of videos on Yoga, meditation and relaxation music and a corresponding rise in the number of viewers for such videos.

– More than 70% millennials watched ‘Do It Yourself’ type videos on YouTube to learn a new art, skill or talent.

– Over 50,000 years (total viewing time) of reviews were seen by people worldwide on YouTube during 2018.

– And finally, over 83% of video ads on mobile attract the attention of viewers of all ages.


You might wonder why these statistics are important.

Indeed, they are very important since they clearly indicate who would be your largest audience and types of videos that people watch.

Figures about reviews and video ads are also important because that would be your largest source of income to make money with YouTube.

Now let’s discuss a few practical, enjoyable ways to make money with YouTube.


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Making Money with YouTube Videos

how to make money with youtube videos online

The first step to Earn money with YouTube is to open a free channel. The process is rather simple. All you require is a Google or Gmail account.

Come up with a trendy name for your channel so that people can recall quickly and relate with.

Once you have the YouTube channel ready, try posting a few videos as trial. This will help you fine-tune the process of uploading videos.

Try these five excellent ways to make money with YouTube.


Open a YouTube Channel with Unique Idea

Over 300 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute by channel owners around the world.

Over 1.3 billion videos already exist in YouTube and the number is growing even as you read this article.

These are important pointers.

They clearly indicate you have to launch a YouTube channel with some excellent idea. The above numbers clearly show that videos on almost every conceivable idea on Earth will already exist.

That’s fine. You can select from a list of excellent YouTube video ideas that are curated by some experienced vlogger or blogger.

Once you have a YouTube channel with an excellent idea, promote it well. Because to make money, you’ll have to subscribe to Google AdSense. Unless your channel complies with strict rules and regulations of YouTube, it’s impossible to get a subscription of Google AdSense.


Get Sponsorships

Facts and figures above indicate reviews about anything attract lots of viewers on YouTube.

Watching 50,000 years (watch time) of review videos in 12 months is a whopping number by any standards.

Product, movies, services, places of touristic interest and other reviews would enable your YouTube channel to qualify for Google AdSense subscription quickly. And reviews also means you can get cash sponsorships from companies and brand owners.


Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

make money on youtube with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, one of my favorite ways to make money online, allows you to sell products from a company or online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and others to your subscribers.

You can learn more about how affiliate marketing works here.

Become an affiliate marketing partner with Amazon, eBay, Target, Kohl and other brands that onboard affiliate marketers.

Whenever anyone watches your videos and buys a product or service through affiliate links you provide, the seller gives you a handsome commission.

Amazon, for example, pays between two and 18 percent of the product cost (minus taxes, etc.) to affiliate marketers.

Overall, implementing affiliate marketing strategies is an excellent way to make money with YouTube without using Adsense.


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Promote Own Products

You can create own products like T-shirts, caps, mufflers, scarves, and accessories and promote them through your Facebook channel.

For this, you’ll need to open an online store on platforms such as Etsy or Shopify that are extremely popular in America.

Upload videos of these products, their reviews and customer testimonials.

Provide links that will direct a viewer to your online store on Etsy, Shopify or even Amazon.

Thus, YouTube allows you to create, launch and popularize own brand of products.


Become YouTube Creator for Others

If you are adept at creating excellent videos, offer your services to businesses small and large.

You can create a YouTube channel for such businesses and upload videos such company information, product reviews, employee testimonials and also job vacancies on their YouTube channel.

There are two ways to offer such YouTube creator services.

Firstly, as an employee of an organization that will pay you a salary as a YouTube creator.

Secondly, as a freelancer or contractor that companies can hire on a short or long term basis to create and manage their corporate YouTube channel.


Wrap Up on How To Make Money with YouTube Videos

It’s worth remembering: opening a YouTube channel is easy and free.

You can use existing resources like a video camera on mobile and other basic stuff.

To make money with YouTube, however, can prove difficult as it requires extra and relentless efforts to attract viewers to your channel.

Therefore, you should read a lot of information, especially tips and tweaks to become a top YouTuber.

If necessary, create videos and launch a YouTube channel in regional language where you have expert level fluency.

Competition is lesser in YouTube channels in local languages. Hence, you stand better chances of getting a higher number of subscribers fairly quickly.


Author bio:

Ashwin Honawar is an avid writer, blogger, and journalist for over 25 years. Currently, he is working as a content writer for DMatic Digital.


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how to make money with youtube videos

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