Best Stocking Stuffers For $10 or Less

Best Stocking Stuffers for Her $10 or Less

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Cute Stocking Stuffer Ideas For $10 or Less

Are you looking for the perfect stocking stuffers for the young lady who loves everything pretty, cutesy, and fun (and within an affordable budget too)? Well, you’ve come to the right place to search for things that she’ll actually want!

I personally LOVE stocking stuffers because they’re fun, cute, adorable, and filled with a lot of sweet surprises! Again, these are sock-worthy gifts for the girl or lady who is all giddily about the cute and pretty stuff! When I created this post, I tried to come up with budget-friendly items that she’ll actually use and enjoy — I really hope she does! 🙂


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Anyway, I wanted to mention the Prime membership in case you weren’t aware of it. Now that you know, let’s get to the list of stocking stuffers that you can get for the girl or lady who loves all things cute and pretty — all for $10 or under!

If you live in Canada, that likely means $15 CAD or under.



1. Cute and Stylish Unicorn Cosmetic Makeup Bags

This cute 3-piece makeup bag set is perfect for the unicorn lover who loves pretty and cute things!

I love how these are multi-functional with LOTS of space. You can also use them as pencil cases for your school or work. Believe it or not, sometimes young adults (including moms) still have that inner kid inside of them, hehe. 😀 On top of using it as a makeup bag or pencil case, you can use this as a travel pouch or organizer too — wherever your imagination takes you!

I can’t keep my eyes off them — they’re just too adorable!

With that said, I really think she’ll be happy to find these pretty unicorns in her stocking this year. 🙂


Click the image below to learn more about this cute 3-piece unicorn pouch set.



2. Clear Rose Gold iPhone Shock Absorption Bumper Cover

This pretty and sleek looking iPhone shock absorption bumper cover has an anti-scratch back along with 4 corners that absorb shocks when you drop your phone. This would make a great gift (or stocking stuffer) for those who use their phones a lot! That probably means most of us, right? Haha!

Both my fiancé and I have this product in the 100% clear transparent design and it’s the product that helped protect our iPhones. In case you’re wondering, this brand also carries cases for other iPhone models as well as Samsung models. They also come with a lifetime warranty card! This is a brand I’ve used for many years and it’s one I highly recommend when you’re looking for value and quality.

On top of that, I also use this durable pink case — don’t ask why, but I just like switching things around.

Check to see if the clear Rose Gold color is on sale by clicking the image below. It comes in other colors as well if you’re interested in one yourself.


Click the image below to learn more about this shock absorption case.



3. Cactus Pink Bullet Journal Notebook

This pretty pink bullet journal with dotted grids comes in 132 pages. It definitely makes a perfect Christmas gift for those who love to organize with pretty things!

Not to mention, the New Year is just around the corner, so who wouldn’t love to start off their year with setting goals, organizing their daily activities, creating a shopping list, taking notes, sketching and more.

The value and things she could do with this bullet journal will sure beat the price of the item! I really encourage you to check it out!


Click the image below to learn more about this cute bullet journal.



4. Pretty 2019 Weekly and Monthly Planner

If she’s not into bullet journaling and just wants something more simple and practical, you can buy her this lovely 2020 Weekly and Monthly Planner made by Pretty Simple Planners. This also makes an affordable and cheap stocking stuffer! Again, perfect for the New Year that’s coming up. 🙂

Can you believe that it’s almost 2020? I’m here, scratching my head, wondering what happened to 2019?



5. Cozy Slipper Socks

Fluffy “slipper” socks for your sock stuffers!

Ok, before you read on, I want you to know that they are not slippers. They’re just called “slipper” socks — they’re thicker than regular thick socks, but they are not slippers.

These cute cozy socks will keep her feet warm during the winter season when she’s lounging around the home — they feel very soft and fluffy! I know, I said fluffy already but I’ll say it again… they are FLUFFY!

These Dosoni socks come in a lot of different styles (e.g. Christmas, holiday, cute animals, practical, daily, etc.) for your girlfriend, wife, mom, daughter, niece, or female coworker! I bought a pair for my mom in the red Christmas design and she loves how they feel!

If you live in Canada, try to see if this link works.

Overall, cozy socks like these make a great and practical gift idea for the holidays. You can’t go wrong with these budget-friendly sock-worthy gifts!


Click the image below to learn more about these warm fluffy socks.



6. Pretty Compact Mirror

Pretty mirror for the pretty lady who loves pretty things. 🙂

This sleek-looking pocket-size mirror will make a simple and easy present for her!

Aside from its nice design, this is a great mirror to have in her purse especially when she needs to touch up her makeup during the day. Speaking of which, it will make a great Christmas gift for someone who likes to travel too.

When you open it, one side has a regular mirror. On the other side, it comes with 5x the magnification — again, women love that when it comes to perfecting their makeup. 🙂

You can learn more about this mirror on Amazon here. It’s definitely an affordable gift to put in her stocking!

Click the image below to learn more about this pretty compact mirror.



7. Thick Bookmark in Pretty Pink

Does she love to read? Does she love the color pink?

This cute and adorable bookmark is made from thick material and has a funny slogan “Keep calm and have a cupcake”.


Click the image below to learn more about this pretty pink bookmark.



8. ILNP Gold Shimmer Nail Polish

This beautiful gold shimmer nail polish by ILNP will make a very pretty and affordable stocking stuffer for her. This type of color works perfectly for the holiday season! I bet she’ll want to add a bit of fun and glitter flair to her New Year’s Eve outfit. 😉

If you live in Canada, this is a very nice color from Essie!

Absolutely gorgeous color!!! Sorry, I just had to say that because I get really excited when I see pretty things myself. Haha!


Click the image below to learn more about this pretty gold shimmer nail polish.



9. Pretty Sterling Silver Ring

I just love how this silver ring looks — it’s really pretty!

You can click here to take a look!

This is a piece that’s cute and fun to have. Not to mention, it definitely beats spending over a few hundred dollars for a sterling silver ring at Tiffany! 😉


Click the image below to learn more about this gorgeous sterling silver ring.



10. Adorable Bunny Ring Holder

This popular and adorable bunny ring holder by Umbra makes a great decor piece for her rings.

It’s perfect for any space and it keeps all of her rings in one place which can help her organize and reduce clutter. In case you’re wondering, she can stack her rings on both the bunny ears. It also comes in your choice of a reindeer, elephant, or kitty.

This pretty ring holder is very affordable which makes it a perfect gift for any season (including a stocking stuffer) without breaking the bank.


Click the image below to learn more about this cute bunny ring holder.



11. Cute Pom Pom Keychain

This is probably one of my favorites on this list — ha!

I absolutely LOVE these irresistibly cute pom pom keychains because they can add a bit of flair to any handbag. I know she’ll love this for her bag!

They’re definitely fun, cute, and affordable for your stocking stuffers!


Click the image below to see this cute keychain in various different colors.

🇨🇦 NOTE: If you live in Canada, you’ll need to use this link here to see this pom pom keychain in your country!


Here’s a quick picture of my Kate Spade bag with the cute pom pom keychain… 🙂



12. Punchy Pink Wet Brush Pro

You can’t go wrong with a practical and useful gift like this Paddle Wet Brush Pro by Wet Brush. On top of that, it’s a pretty durable brush too!

I actually have this brush in the exact same color and I like it a lot! It makes me confident that she’ll enjoy it in this pretty color too. 🙂


Click the image below to learn more about what this brush has to offer.



13. EOS in Pink Grapefruit

These EOS lip balms are one of the easiest and cheapest stocking stuffer ideas! I buy them as stocking stuffer add-ons all the time. I also buy them for myself in a pack that looks like this. I just love these little babies!

You can choose from many colors and designs — whatever suits her taste! I personally love this in pink grapefruit.

If you live in Canada, you can buy them from Costco or your nearest drugstore at a more reasonable price!


Click the image below to see different variations of this lip balm.


14. Space-Saving Makeup Organizer

If she’s into the pretty and cutesy type of things, then she’s gotta love the makeup organizers!

This compact and pretty palette organizer is very affordable and would make the perfect gift for those who would love something to help them organize their makeup.

This mini organizer has 5 storage compartments where she can store (and easily reach for) her makeup palettes such as eyeshadow, contour, blush, lip, eyebrow, etc. This would make a great stocking stuffer for the lady who loves organizing her makeup space. I encourage you to check it out here!


Click the image below to learn more about this storage organizer.



15. Cute coin purses in pink

This 4-piece coin purse will fit her loose change, gift cards, bobby pins, keys, and any small item she carries around.

It comes in other different patterns but I think this one would make a perfect stocking stuffer for the girl who loves all pretty things!


Click the image below to learn more about these mini coin purses.



16. Sephora Under $10

One thing that I cannot forget to mention about is Sephora’s stocking stuffers for under $10 which you can find here. They have products such as lip gloss, lip balm, eyeshadow, makeup remover, oil blotting sheets, and more.  I always go for the lip balms and lip glosses because you can’t go wrong with those! If you live in Canada, that section can be found in the “Gifts for under $15 CAD” category on their website. I know, Canadians don’t have access to many choices nor the incredible deals that Americans do… but hey, it is what it is! 🙂


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That’s my gift guide for you today!

I hope you find something that she’ll love! Again, this guide is meant for the girl who loves the cutesy and pretty things (all for $10 or under). If she falls in that category, then I’m sure there’s something here that she’ll use and enjoy.


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